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As we grow into a more spiritual view of life we begin to see the world from a whole different perspective and everything begins to have new meaning for you. This was a particularly exciting time in my life and I enjoyed the whole process discovering the language of my soul with its signs and symbols.

There are however a couple of tips that will help clarify for you the hidden meaning of your signs and symbols and its sexy soul magic.  This video offers you some simple tips on how to approach building your Signs & Symbols vocabulary of meaning.


Signs from your loved ones in the Spirit world.

Next, in response to a viewers question this second video really outlines what you can expect to see with your signs from a loved one in the Spirit World.

You’ll love hearing how one husband comes through to his wife in his own special way.  I know I did.

Lastly to help get you started with what some signs & symbols mean here is a ready reference chart for you to download as well.

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing, a psychic-medium soul coach.

For over 20years I have been conversing with Spirit in regards to Spirituality, Mediumship, the Mechanics of the Soul and its connections to the Universe.

Each week I am live on Facebook with Soul Whispering Wednesday’s where we discuss spirituality, mediumship, manifesting and more.  Its my space to answer your questions and I even dedicate a regular session to offer free readings.

You can join me here


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