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Need more Peace? Try this….

Tell me, on a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you desire more Peace in your Soul?"Hello Goddess, Peace comes to those who seek it. Those who choose to engage with daily strategies to unfold it in their lives. You see, ignoring it or thinking the Universe will take care of...

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Kerrie Wearing

As a feminine spirit medium, Kerrie bridges the gap between your world and the world of Spirit connecting you with your loved ones and your Soul’s Divine connection to creating with the Universe

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Sexy Soul Magic of Sexpo 2018

Sexy Soul Magic of Sexpo 2018

Look away unless your comfortable talking about sex! You see, you may not know this about me but over the last couple of years I’ve come to believe that our sexuality is an integral part of wellness and wholeness of the Soul. In fact, I’ve come to understand that this...

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Mediums Unearthed

Two Mediums shooting the breeze and chatting about everyday life as Mediums and how it all works (or doesn't) in the real world. Your hosts: Psychic Medium Soul Coach Kerrie Wearing and Intuitive Counsellor & Coach & Psychic Medium Gemma Rose.Post a Review of...

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