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2023 A Conversation with Spirit – the year your Magic shines

by | Dec 27, 2022 | 2022, Kerrie's Diary, Sacred Goddess, Your Spiritual Connection

The Wizard – Bringer of Magic


Desired outcomes – fruitful”

The Wizard – Bringer of Magic


Desired outcomes – fruitful

These are the words I heard as I sat down to connect with Spirit and feel into what they wanted to say about the year ahead.  Here is what came through.  

This year unveils the magic in you for all the world to see.  The Magician becomes the Wizard.  Wiser and even more eloquently magical.  Miracles abound.  And it is time to step up and be the real you.

2023 sees many of you come to your purpose and bring it forward for the world to see.  Within this, you will see many new successes, new faces on the world stage and new businesses being successful.

However, you will also see failures, especially where once there was a fertile garden of success only for the garden to dry up and wither away causing time away from the spectacle of the public eye to review, reflect and adjust their purpose.  

Some may come to this because of health reasons.  Know that this is their time to be and to hold tight to their faith.  It is in the Faith where the growth and learning lies.

For those with ideas sprouting and germinating, spring forth into those new beginnings ensuring that you tended to the garden.  Make sure your garden is fertile, and you do this with knowledge.

Structures of the ego will still get in the way, how can they not.  You will do well however by investing time in understanding who you are in these moments.  Spirituality is not about candles, incense and crystals.  It is about the investure of oneself and coming to know that Self in the likeness of God.  Understanding this will serve you far more than a crystal ever will.

As the year begins, we want to hear from you.  Share with us, the Creative Collective what your most desired outcomes are for the year ahead.  Put pen to paper and get specific with those vision boards and dream large.  For it is true that even though you may not reach the Moon, you will fall amongst the Stars where there is still much beauty.

2023 is the year many dreams will come true.  A year of success for those lead from the Soul, not the head who will stumble about in the dark.

A year of Soul evolutionary shifting.  A year that will continue to see the rise of the Divine Feminine as she continues to lead you to serving humanity, nurturing the Spirit and ultimately creating balance.

You will continue to see disruptions in Mother Nature as she fights for balance.  There is a global shift in consciousness occurring to create change beyond what you see though, so know that this is happening and that you are part of that shift.

Money comes to those who have a sense of serving humanity and creating abundance for others at the core of who they are.  While structures will continue to break down for those who do not. Failed business ventures result from this.

Heart healing abounds.  It is a year much lighter of heart than in recent times, if you choose to lean into healing as a way of being.  The opportunities are there.  As always though the choice is yours.

May 2023 serve you will with your dreams and wishes.

Coming away from this communication with Spirit really left me in no doubt that there is an evolution of consciousness occurring and that those of us who living our Soul purpose all have a role and contribution in this.

Have you been feeling pulled to connect more deeply with your purpose over the last few years?  Do you feel like you are on track with that? If so, then know you are in for a year where that purpose is going to shine and you’ll begin to reap the rewards of that journey.

If you are still struggling to connect with your Soul purpose and direction then it is time to lean into that more and discover the magic in you that our world needs. My Her Magic Soul Toolkit membership is a great place to get started with that.

with love & gratitude

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