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BREAKTHROUGH February – Soul Magic for Feb 2023

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Soul Magic inSights, Your Spiritual Connection

Where you have been out of Soul alignment, things will start to connect themselves.  What you need to experience greater Soul alignment in life will start to correct themselves for you.”

As I began pulling together content for the February issue of HER MAGIC SOUL there came upon me an energy of peace and Soul alignment, and intuitively I knew that this message was not just for me but one that needed to be shared with you.

That energetic shift took place in my heart and Soul which took place as I chose the cover pic spoke of balance and coming to the peace you have been working towards these last three to four months.

There are times on your Soul journey that right before a major breakthrough what precipitates that is the letting go of old aspects of the Soul.  Old behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, people and aspects of the Self that no longer align with who you are now.  This is where you have been these last few months.

This part of the process is not easy, especially when you are at the end of that chapter of learning.  This final stage always feels like a crescendo of energy that hits you.  It expands your challenges, your level of resistance increases and for a time you feel stuck, caught between all you’ve known and the new way of being.

This is where I have personally been since last October, where I have been challenged with those areas of my life that are out of alignment, namely my finances, career and my relationship. I found my ego behaving like a stubborn mule whenever I have been trying to navigate those challenges with love and the awareness of my Spirit, making any sense of surrendering difficult and fleeting at best.

I knew from Spirit that the learning and letting go was been squeezed out of me so to speak, and I kept hearing Spirit tell me to ‘humble myself’, which is code for ‘get out of your ego’.  Try as I might I definitely struggled with that.

With momentary glimpses, I would surrender and accept that it’s all O’k and that the Universe does have my back even though that is hard to do on the days when the bank accounts look abysmal.  But I kept going because really, I don’t know what else to do but come to Spirit.

And then in one unsuspecting moment there it was.  Balance and Breakthrough!

This is the journey that February holds for you.

Where you have been out of Soul alignment, things will start to connect themselves.  What you need to experience greater Soul alignment in life will start to correct themselves for you.

  • For some of you, this may be the right teach coming forth to help educate on what true Soul alignment is.

  • For others it will be the money needed to free you from circumstances that bind.

  • There is also a sense of deepening communication within your relationship that aid in resolution and in turn deepen those connections.  While for some others, you will see endings of those relationships where a resolution is not possible.  Look for these shifts around Valentines Day, as the middle of the month connects here.

Timing is everything, so for those of you who have big plans and intentions for 2023, know that ego will only get in the way of your Soul aligned life.  And if your not feeling for yourself what I speak of here, then take a step back, acknowledge where you are getting in your own way and reset by deepening your Soul connection everyday.

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