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Why is Relationship Upheaval a Result of your Spiritual Evolution?

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Your Spiritual Connection

It is common to experience a shifting of relationships that no longer match or equal your changing Soul vibration.”

Why is Relationship Upheaval a Result of your Spiritual Evolution?

There are a myriad of complex energy shifts that take place within the Soul when one seeks to up level their Spiritual awareness and therefore their Soul vibration.  By far one of the most notable and challenging, affects your relationships with others.

It is common to experience a shifting of relationships that no longer match or equal your changing Soul vibration.  However, it is sadly also common that this shows itself in conflict, endings and heartache.  This is a result of the ego unfortunately.

Ego has simultaneously created the relationship while at the same time being responsible for letting it go.  Yes, there comes a time when one must say goodbye to another, however when relationship is in Spirit form such endings are always pleasant, allowing freedom and never seeking to harm.  For love is all there is.

I know I have had my fair share of friendships end because of my own ego getting in the way.  Which does still make me a little sad when I reflect. I am learning to do better and I do now know that when I come from love, it can change how things resolve.  I’ve seen it.

If your experience speak more of drama, anger or hurt, then it is worthwhile to question where you may be leading with ego, fear and trepidation.

Humble yourself my friend.  It is O’k.  You are Loved!

It is not O’k however to apportion blame on the spiritual process of ascension and the raising of your vibration when there is hurt caused in the ending of these relationships.  This is quite simply a choice you make either consciously or unconsciously.

There is an ego trip within the spiritual fraternity that seeks to justify of the self so as to have oneself feel o’k, to be comfortable with ones actions and create harmony in one’s emotions once again.

I can tell you friend that masking the truth in this way never creates harmony.  It may bury it for a time, but the experience still exists within the depths.

Yes, raising and shifting your Soul vibration creates change.  Yes, it creates upheaval as you let go of the old but it is how you manage those processes that becomes important.  Consciously with love or unconsciously.

If you are finding it necessary right now to leave behind people that have been a big part of your life or you find yourself in the midst of family drama and conflict, I urge you to take a moment and connect with the source of love that flows through you.  That Divine Spirit within you!  Give it permission to lead the way.

I clairaudiently hear – “Holy Spirit Activate!” Bloody Tiktok. LOL

Remember, there is a part of you that knows how to resolve these challenges with love.  It knows how to be the person you want to be in these situations.  All you need do is seek connection to this part of you and give it permission to come forth and drive the wheel. 

And you will know it’s shown up for you when you actively begin to:

  • Let go of the drama and instead seek peace
  • Apply Self love boundaries
  • Show up and express yourself more authentically
  • And be kinder to yourself and others  

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