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Code of Ethics

Certified Mediums of the Soul Conversations Online community, former ACOM Accredited Mediums & healers are to act at all times with integrity, mindful of always being honest with a quality of good judgment and compassion, ensuring a wholesome journey of representing Spirit, The Soul Conversations Online community, Kerrie Wearing and yourself.

  • Mediums & Healers must not pretend to be in contact with the Spirit world if you are not.
  • Mediums & Healers are not able to guarantee contact with any particular spirit.
  • In the event that a private healing, consultation or demonstration is judged by yourself not to contain information of any substance then you are required to offer a refund for services.
  • In the event that a medium is unable to read a sitter, to the best of your ability an explanation is to be forthcoming at all times. (with a refund for services)
  • Personal responsibility in life and your mediumship.
  • Mediums are responsible for how your Mediumship is delivered, and the impact it may have.
  • Mediums & Healers are to be aware of their limitations and capabilities.
  • Clients often need further assistance beyond the scope of a medium or healer, so we should endeavor to facilitate this assistance, including seeking counseling or medical advice as required.
  • Mediums & Healers are never to advise clients to cease taking medication nor to stop seeing their Doctor or other health care professional.
  • Mediums & Healers are to refrain from diagnosing any medical conditions. Always advise your clients carefully to seek medical advice.
  • Audio taping should be available for private Mediumship consultations.
  • Video taping is not recommended. Written permission from should be sought.
  • When the consultation is for a child under the age of 16years an adult must be present.
  • When working with Spirit, members are to ensure there is no influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Client confidentiality is to be respected at all times.
  • All members are to respect and treat other members of the Soul Conversations online community with love, always offering feedback with love and understanding.
  • When offering psychic, mediumistic information or healing to others including members of the Soul Conversation Online community, remember to ensure you have sought permission. Personal Privacy is to be respected.