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Mindset, Schmindset – what to do when the power of positive thinking let’s you down

by | Feb 5, 2021 | 2021, Money Flow, Self Love, Your Spiritual Connection

That’s the thing, for those of us with a soul orientated experience of life, mindset work is not enough.  Not too mention how exhausting the grind of this is.

When your heart hurts because for the umpteenth time you are worrying about money, worrying about your health, family or relationship in that moment what comes to you is the experience of more worry.

I’m sure, like me you have however tried all the positive thinking you know, yet still nothing changes.

In your mind’s eye you even see the future you desire.  A thriving mediumship, less overwhelm and more quality time with your family and financial freedom.  Perhaps you have been working on yourself for so long that your exhausted and soul weary, feeling like you no longer have it in you to create the change you desire. 

I feel you Goddess! I’m right there with you having spent many a year compounding the experience I don’t want with worry and not being able to shift away from the reality of what I don’t want to focus on what I do.

That’s the thing, for those of us with a soul orientated experience of life, mindset work is not enough.  Not too mention how exhausting the grind of this is.


It is in these times that I urge you to remember that YOU ARE SPIRIT!

And with Spirit being the essence of LOVE, during these times of heartache it is a far more effective and efficient process of manifesting to elevate with love.

Come to your heartspace, embrace the pain and hold the emotion of love for yourself.  Even if all you can manage is a fleeting moment, this will work graciously to create greater alignment between the heart and mind day by day.

In this moment, you are remembering who you truly are.  You are remembering that you are a sacred container of the Universe, connected to all things throughout all time and space.  And in that moment of love, you are inviting in the life experience that exists for you in the spiritual reality that is aligned with love.

I myself today woke with financial concern and as I sat just like this for a moment, I came to the thought about writing my next blog on Self love and how it truly is the only answer you need.

As I was writing this for you, I felt my consciousness shift into the awareness of being able to detach from the entanglement of life’s circumstances.  In life, we often live according to our circumstances, reacting to life as we know it.  Yet, when our heart and soul desires differently and you consciously walk the path of manifesting your reality, your Spirit self guides you to create beyond that of your obligations and circumstances.

In that moment, I felt the power of my true self, my Divine Spirit being more free to create beyond that of my current reality,  A moment of my soul shifting into greater alignment with myself as Spirit.  That part of me, that knows the Universe has my back and that my ego can be a servant to the grand plan of Spirit, instead of working against it.  That part of me that knows how to create a garden of flow, that grows and is nurtured with love.

In the days following I moved into an even greater intensity of internal struggle, as I resisted.  I feel change descending, change that I know is desired but yet there is also a big part of me holding on and struggling to let go of the past and what I have known.

As I come back to LOVE, and hold that space for myself again and again. I also find clarity descending.  Clarity around who I truly am and the need to own it more.  I am a Medium!

And yes, while I have been a medium practitioner for over 20years, Spirit is guiding me to OWN it more in my being.  Seeing it more for myself and appreciating for myself the contribution I make with this work will allow my light to shine more brightly and therefore align me more with the life I desire.  A life where I am a Medium with financial freedom.

May I suggest, taking a moment to come to your heartspace and hold love in your heart for yourself right now.  Allow yourself to receive.  Allow yourself to hear your heart speak and allow yourself to matter.

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with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in Feminine Spirit Mediumship.

Do you want the raw and real bio where I tell you I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit, the creativity of Shamanism and the awareness of a Spiritual leader or if you prefer the bio my business coach prefers then, as a Spiritual leader with over 20years of experience, I support women to embody their feminine spirit to expand their conscious connection with the Universe, so they can do life with confidence, purpose and in the Spirit of who they truly are – a Creative Heart Feminine Spirit.

LOL – just keeping it real!

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