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Using your Feminine Spirit Mediumship to psychically forecast your 2021

by | Dec 29, 2020 | 2020, Daily Soul Conversations, Divine Feminine, Your Spiritual Connection

“Dear 2021, please reveal to me all that you would have me know so that I align with my purpose and live with joy and abundance.”

As a Feminine Spirit Soul coach one of the things I absolutely love to do at the beginning of each year is to get out my Spirit Guide wisdom cards and sit down to psychically tune into the year ahead and reveal a little of what lies before me.

Over the years I have found this practice helps to understand where your Souls evolutionary focus will be. It also provides a greater sense of purpose and direction while often showing you the light at the end of the tunnel when times have been tough. 

Your Feminine Spirit is the part of your Soul that is responsible for your intuition, your ability to create and your mediumship.  It is a power source that we all have, yet we are only just beginning to discover what it can do for us when we work with it consciously. 

At this point in the writing process, Spirit knocked on my door wanting to share this with you.

“Divination in any form is a moment of allowing God to inspire. Seeking such knowledge deems a path in alignment with God or the energy of your source of the Divine.

Much malarkey is made of creating alignment processes everyday when really all that is needed is the space for inspiration and creativity. 

Such a process as divining knowledge of your future pathway creates a natural alignment that continues the flow of inspiration as you walk the road ahead.

Now, I know you doubt your capacity to receive such knowledge, when we say to you it is a natural part of the human spirit. All you need do is allow it to be so. Embrace more of this part of who you are and see it come to be.

That is all.”

Step 1: Whenever, I begin a process such as this I recommend to firstly take some time to clear away old energy and declutter your Soul.

In this instance this begins with reflecting on the year that was. Celebrate your wins, acknowledge your challenges, reflect on how you felt and identify what you learnt about yourself.

Use your journal to explore. As you do, I’m sure you will find yourself feeling lighter and gaining clarity on where you have truly been.

Step 2: When you are ready to look forward make some time in your schedule to have fun with this process. Set aside a few hours to play and set your environment up to be supportive of your connection. Light your candles, play some music and create your sacred space to minimize distractions.

Everything you create has soul energy associated with it. You are feeding creative energy every moment of everyday into your world which when combined with the collective universal energy and the energy of others that may be involved, it all comes together to produce outcomes.

This is the soul energy you are aligning with and having it reveal itself to you is possible because the world of energy is not limited by constructs of time. It is however worth noting that the insights you receive are filtered through your beliefs and views of yourself as they are in this moment.

It is this soul energy you are about to communicate psychically with.

Step 3: Tapping into your intuition and gaining insight is really all about setting an intention and asking the right questions.

With your journal use the following question to begin a Soul Conversation with your year ahead.

“Dear 2021, please reveal to me all that you would have me know so that I align with my purpose and live with joy and abundance.”

Accept the first thoughts feelings and impressions that come to mind and keep asking more questions around them to delve more deeply.

Step 4: Once this Soul conversation has exhausted itself use your favourite Oracle cards, drawing one card for each month. I love using my Spirit Guide Wisdom insight cards and this card spread is the one I use to compile 12mth personal forecasts for my clients.

As you come to each month, remember it is all in the questions you ask and the above question can be adapted to use.

Step 5: Again, accept the first thoughts, feelings and impressions

No censoring, no overthinking and no holding on to the thought to work it out first.

Just write what comes and you will find that going with this flow will keep the flow of information going for you.

Step 6:  If you feel drawn or need further clarity, then drawing a second card at these points can help to add clarity when needed.

 Step 7:  Keep it all recorded and on hand to refer to as you move through your year.

Lastly, I have two further tips for you that will help.

1. My Creative Heart 2021 guidebook has it all set out for you to step you through. There is room to help you craft your goals. Pages focused on your relationships, health and your money flow and there is even room to create your vision board. Visit here to download your copy for just $9

2. All of this is even more fun when done with a friend. You’ll be able to tap in for one another increasing the capacity of information you are able to receive and not to mention how much more of a fun day it is with a soul sister.

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