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Are you wasting your time with Affirmations?

by | Jun 4, 2022 | 2022, Money Flow, Sacred Goddess, Self Love, Your Spiritual Connection

Imagine if you will, that in one moment you can go from trying to get there to actually being present in the energy of your goal”

Imagine if you will, that in one moment you can go from trying to get there to actually being fully present in the energy of your goal thereby creating a moment of embodiment.

This is the power of I am and why they are the only affirmations I use.

“I AM – two of the most powerful word.  For what you put after them shapes your reality” – Bevan Lee

Most affirmations are written from a place of lack. For example, it is safe for me to be abundant or happiness is found within.  And while these statements are true and will work over time to rewire your thinking.  There is a hell of a lot of effort needed for this to occur, should you be able to stick with it.

For me, affirmations always felt fake to so they weren’t a practice I took on.  However, I have found the art of embodying the energy I desire much more fruitful and enjoyable with the help of “I AM”

You will find that using I AM at the beginning of your affirmation will create a sense of ownership within your connection to the Universe, where in that moment you embody the energy of your desire and therefore immediately ignite the spark of creation. This then opens your energetic pathway to the desire you are working with.

You are effectively putting yourself in the energy of it all creating immediate alignment to what you desire.

Yes, it still may take time to sustain that new energy, though I can assure you this embodiment will be much quicker and easier for you, than struggling with affirmations for the mind.

With using “I AM” and the Divine Feminine connection it provokes with embodiment, I certainly do feel that it has made it easier for my heart and mind to come together into alignment and therefore allowing a greater flow in finance and personal abundance.

I AM has been one of the tools I have come to rely on and enjoy the feel of.  

 embody with I am now …..

I am all about making our spirituality simple and much easier for you to integrate everyday, which is why I created the LOVE IS….I AM affirmation card set.

Choose a different card every day, each week or even work with one over a longer period of time.  Whatever works for you really.

You will find though that holding space with the card can inspire wisdom, insight and the guidance needed to unfold the understanding and what is needed for you to move forward and expand with where you are at with embodying your goal.

Pre-order before 14th June (the next full moon) and receive your FREE I AM psychic insight personally from Kerrie

with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I support you to manifest a life you love.

With this raw and real bio I want you to know I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit.

My love for this life sees me use my mediumship and my 5 pillars of feminine manifesting to support you with manifesting a life you love.

More about Kerrie…

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