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Free yourself with these 5 feminine strategies to manifest abundance with ease

by | Sep 28, 2021 | 2021, Money Flow, Sacred Goddess, Self Love

That whole premise of clearing your blocks and constantly working on your mindset to maintain a hi-vibe that would have you in alignment with your dream never seemed to work for me”.

Hey friend,

Doesn’t manifesting successfully at times feel like one of those things that seems to work for other people but not you.  Or it hit and miss, working for some things but not others?

I know that my own personal experience often felt like results fell short of what I would have like to see happen.  You know what I’m talking about.  That self published book that didn’t reach as many people as I wanted or that business that hasn’t been able to provide financial support.

I found that whole premise of clearing your blocks and constantly working on your mindset to maintain a higher vibration that would have you in alignment with your dream never seemed to work for me.

In fact, it only served to set up a perpetual cycle of struggle and release as I sought to heal those blockages.  Leading to a point where I was on my knees having had enough. 

It was then I started to let go of what I had learned over the years through others and instead chose to believe in myself and my Soul’s own ability to know what is needed to manifest the wealth and abundance I desire.  Being a psychic medium with over 22 years of experience, I do know that no matter what it is you desire, your Soul and it’s creative connection to the Universe does know what is needed to bring about the reality of that experience, in its own way!

As I went about manifesting a soul centred relationship after my divorce, a dream house, abundance and now being on the pathway to creating wealth I developed a process that works towards simplifying how you approach manifesting your goals while engaging the Soul’s creative powers of the Divine Feminine.

For me, this process has come through from guidance and inspiration over the last few years as I worked with Spirit to create real transformation in how I personally manifested life, so that my own life would be more of what I desired.  I am sharing my 5 step process with you in the hope that this will help you to lie a life of abundance as much as it has for me.

Here are my 5 sexy pillars of feminine manifesting

Sexy pillar #1 – Hey Universe, Order up!

Step 1 is to get really clear and specific with your vision.  Whether it is a new business project, a dream house or manifesting a relationship this is the time to write your list of desires.

Think of it as though you are at a restaurant and ordering off the menu.  Take what works for you, leave what doesn’t and be sure to choose based on pleasure.

Take time to explore if you are not clear on your vision as yet and have fun doing so.

And focus on how the experience of your dream will make you feel.  What lifestyle will it provide and be sure to include this on your list.

Expand the energy of your list with a dream board.

Sexy pillar #2 – Declutter

When engaging the Universe in this way, you will find a natural tendency to feel drawn to decluttering, especially your home.

Whether it is your home, your inbox or your mind this is the time to clear out the old and make room for the new.

It is important to note here that decluttering occurs in many ways on many levels of the Soul.  So even some of life’s more challenging circumstances often involve letting go.  When this presents for you, know it is the Universe guiding you to clear what isn’t going to serve your new life.  Progress baby!

Sexy pillar #3 – Create Opportunity

My partner Michael and I call this stage ‘kicking tyres’.  This is where you are giving the Universe opportunity to deliver your dream.

Here you are job hunting, creating new revenue streams, house hunting or prospecting if your a up and coming real estate agent, LOL.  Your getting out being social to meet new people and even signing up to online dating as I did if your serious about a relationship.

Remember that not every opportunity will be right for you.  In fact, its a given there will be opportunities that don’t work out but remembering this is part of the process will make the disappointments easier to take.

It’s also important at this time to try not to settle out of fear when an opportunity presents that is not really what’s in your heart.  Believe me, I know this easier said than done however those moments are the ones that lead you to up level your abundance or not.  The choice is yours!

Sexy pillar #4 – Elevate with Love

Underpinning your manifesting efforts with a foundation of love is the secret sauce to success.  Aligning with the energy of love will create ease and flow for you.

You will find any Soul healing that is needed will unfold naturally and easily.  You will open the door to receiving gracefully and you will have the desire to live with elegance.  While seeing yourself in new ways will lead to your purpose revealing itself.

When you make these practices, foundations for your everyday living you will naturally be creating the Soul vibration that is needed to match and align with the vibration of your dream life.  But doing so without all the effort and struggle that comes with the mindset approach.

Daily practices to elevate the love

  • Bases all your decisions and choices on Self love
  • Acting as if you are already living the dream does demonstrate to the Universe your belief in yourself.  Not just a belief to make your dream happen but to express that you already own the experience.  Creating from embodiment vs attraction, will have you living the dream quicker.
  • Add the phrase “I am…” to your affirmations to supercharge owning your new reality.
  • Your home is an untapped power source to your abundance.  Love your home bu having fund decorating and designing.  This alone will have you feel good and give you that hi-vibe abundant feel which the Universe can do nothing but match.

Each month on my instagram we love a room in the house to inspire abundance, so I invite you to join me here and share your decorating and design joys with me.


Sexy pillar #5 – Allow and Receive

As a queen of feminine manifesting there is no need for hustle and nor is there a need for the B.S of trying to make things happen.  Which is still something I have to work at letting go of.  My inner control freak has been at for way too long. LOL.

When you do however, open yourself up to receiving with faith and trust in your heart, then magic can and does happen.  And not just for other people.  It can and will happen for you too.

This creative space is a time to step back a little and be open and receptive.  Watch for the signs of communication from the Universe.  Listen to your intuition and honour those moments when inspiration hits.

Celebrate these little wins as they appear for this is the evidence proving you are on the pathway to your goal amid the Universe leading you forward to achieving your new life.

Working with and following the inspiration is imperative to creating the results you desire.  I recall having a conversation with a real estate agent about people offering above asking market price with their tenancy application.  I knew this was the Universe whispering to me and it turned out to be the difference between us getting our dream home or not.

Be mindful that the Universe is always communicating to you and showing you the way.  It is however your choice as to what you do with that information.

Me, one of my favourite things is to see the Universe work it’s magic for people and I’d love nothing more than to support you with manifesting your heart’s desire.

Let’s Connect…..

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on your takeaways from this article.

And should you want to find out a little more about manifesting with me, then click here to send me an email and get in touch today.

with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I support you to manifest a life you love.

With this raw and real bio I want you to know I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit.

My love for this life sees me use my mediumship and my 5 pillars of feminine manifesting to support you with manifesting a life you love.

In addition, as a Real Estate sales assistant with Rachael Goldsworthy Realty in the Hawkesbury region of NSW, Australia I am your go to advisor for all things Real Estate and manifesting your dream home.

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