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Need more Peace? Try this….

by | Feb 1, 2022 | 2021, Sacred Goddess, Self Love

Tell me, on a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you desire more Peace in your Soul?”

Hello Goddess,

Peace comes to those who seek it.

Those who choose to engage with daily strategies to unfold it in their lives.

You see, ignoring it or thinking the Universe will take care of it, means it’s never gonna happen.

Tell me, on a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you desire more Peace in your Soul?

Are you willing to give up some part of your day to make it happen?

For me, I’ve hit a road closure in life where that constant feeling of anxiousness and waiting for life to give me a break has just become insurmountable for me to keep going in that way.  As a psychic medium soul coach of more than 20 years, you’d think I’d know better really.

So today, with thoughts of needing to begin a daily meditation practice swirling in my head on the drive home from my day job, a conversation with Spirit arose that once again had Spirit impressing me with my need to write.  I heard that writing would serve me far better than meditating would.

This is not a new message from Spirit for me, I have heard it quite consistently over the last few years. I just happen to be stuck in old behaviours, somewhat stubborn and still don’t always see what can be best for me.

I am here writing though and I am for once realising how much I need this for my own grief and sense of peace. 

Life changed a few years back resulting in huge amounts of grief and trauma that I tend to minimise for wanting to just get on with life, even though I do fully accept that grief is a part of who I am.  Little by little though, I see a clairvoyant image of those pages in my book of life being burned and turned to ashes as I heal through putting pen to paper.

Most of it, I will share with you.  Some of it though I won’t as I’m sure it be too personal at times.  And some it, won’t be about my healing, but yours as Spirit inspires me with the way of the Soul.

It has literally just struck me, how this moment has reinforced the need to connect with your sense of creativity.  This part of you is inspired by the Soul’s essence of the Divine Feminine and with that comes a definitive source of peace.  Getting creative will bring you back to your centre and assist you to find the pathway of your purpose.

So if you feel the need for some peace today, here are my 2 of hot tips.

1. Stop and take some timeout from the to do list.

 I’ve literally just got home from a day at work and am currently in packing mode to move house in 3days, however I chose to go with my Soul need and I already feel much better for it.

2. Get your Creativity on!

I write obviously, but what can you do that connects you to the creativity of your Feminine Spirit.

Do you write as well? Or what about cooking up some magic in the kitchen? Drawing, painting, gardening, photography or something I wish I was good at, Home decorating.

Try it, it really can be as simple as that!

Let’s Connect…..

with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I support you to manifest a life you love.

With this raw and real bio I want you to know I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit.

My love for this life sees me use my mediumship and my 5 pillars of feminine manifesting to support you with manifesting a life you love.

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