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Loving myself to Wealth #1 – Choosing FREEDOM

by | Aug 26, 2021 | 2021, Money Flow, Sacred Goddess, Self Love

Money comes to you when you choose FREEDOM”.

The dream is to once again be a home owner after having lost my home as a consequence of divorce.  However, it isn’t enough to just go to any old job to earn a living.  That never has been enough, because I also hold the dream in my heart to live with freedom, enjoy what I do and live a life connected to my purpose.

Like many people though, I find the daily challenge of this hard as even after years of work and following other peoples teachings, I still find myself living more to financial obligation than living the dream.

It is the dream of owning our own home that motivated me earlier this year to put my Mediumship business on the back burner and retrain as a Real Estate agent, choosing to open myself up to return to mainstream work in a way that I would love by helping others to manifest their dream homes.

I am however hitting my financial goals for the first time ever, because the Universe has my back and a few months ago delivered a casual accounts position with a former boss that I get to do working from home because of lockdown.  While my financial needs are being met, my Soul is still crying out to earn my income fuelled with passion, purpose and the need to serve others.

Over the last 20+years, my Mediumship business did serve those Soul needs, sadly though it never met my financial needs.  I firmly believe that I can live a life that meets all of those needs, I know plenty of people that are enjoying that kind of success, so why not me I say!

In moving through where I am at right now,  I can either dwell in the stuckness of it and simply repeat a pattern of behaviour that only serves to create lack lustre results, an experience I have seen plenty of times before.  Or I can choose my Spirit and it’s need to live with Freedom.

I once heard Spirit tell me “Money comes to you when you choose FREEDOM’’.  Today and everyday going forward, I choose Freedom.

I am learning that when I am in that space, the guidance and intuition is to write.  It speaks of writing a book (which I don’t have in me right now).  It speaks of sharing about manifesting money and I consistently hear from Spirit that I don’t speak up and share enough of my wisdom.  All of which I wholeheartedly acknowledge that I resist.

  • I resist because I’m busy exchanging my time for money.
  • I resist because past efforts have yielded disappointing results.
  • And I resist because – ugh what’s the point.

Here I am though showing up for myself because I know that in committing to sharing my manifesting journey I’ll be first and foremost serving myself because;

  1. Where attention goes reality flows
  2. I will receive the guidance, the inspiration and the know-how to create the reality cos that’s just how it works
  3. I’ll keep myself connected, clear and free from what doesn’t serve this purpose

And I’ll enjoy the journey more as I learn with the joy of writing.

So here’s to me showing up for myself and seeing what unfolds.

with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I support you to manifest a life you love.

With this raw and real bio I want you to know I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit.

My love for this life sees me use my mediumship and my 5 pillars of feminine manifesting to support you with manifesting a life you love.

In addition, as a Real Estate sales assistant with Rachael Goldsworthy Realty in the Hawkesbury region of NSW, Australia I am your go to advisor for all things Real Estate and manifesting your dream home.

More about Kerrie…

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