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Is not prioritizing your needs stopping you manifesting your desires?

by | May 8, 2020 | 2020, Self Love

The Soul desires nothing. The Heart desires everything. Your Soul’s plan is God’s way of elevating you to the fullest expression of who you are

How often on daily basis do you put your needs way down on the list of priorities, and choose to give to everyone else before you even get a look in?  Only to find yourself soul weary, emotionally overwhelmed yet with the soul stirrings of restlessness and feelings of being disconnected, even if you’re not sure what you’re disconnected from.

In my work as psychic medium soul coach with over twenty years of experience, everyday I meet women who deeply desire to effect change in their life, to bring about balance, have a greater sense of their purpose and to unfold their feminine spirit mediumship.

These are women, like you and me who struggle to find a sense of peace. They regularly feel restless, lost and lack their own sense of personal direction while at the same time they know deep down the answers they seek lie within them somewhere. They, even are likely to feel the whispers of a deep soul purpose stirring, that all too often gets pushed aside.

For me, seeing how common this is breaks my heart as I know know they have access to the guidance and answers they need, yet have to watch them choose otherwise for fear of what others may think if they start putting themselves first or shy away living more authentically because it seeming does not fit in with the needs of other family members.

It breaks my heart because this was me too.

Unconsciously when in this mode of limiting behaviour says you and your happiness is not as important as the needs and happiness of those you care about. When I’m sure if you spoke about this to those close to you, they just might surprise you with a little love and support.

Secondly, it only serves to keep you going around in circles never achieving your heart desires because this patterning of behaviour stops you from receiving.  And that is where it really hurts.

It stops you from receiving love and support from others because you have trouble allowing it.  And it stops the Universe from being able to meet and deliver what you need because you are effectively saying “It’s ok, my needs don’t matter” each and everyday. 

Now think about that!  It has long reaching effects on receiving balance, healing, your dreams, your finances and abundance.

In our spiritual reality however, your feminine spirit wants nothing more than for you to come to balance with this. It is not a matter of being selfish. Far from it!

You will find that loving yourself enough to nurture your own needs and choosing you sometimes, you will be better placed to attend to the needs of your family and will do so with a much more grateful heart and be able to ditch the overwhelm, for you will find that peace and happiness does exist.

It was during the journey of writing my second book Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love & inspiration that I came to realize all of this for myself and set about making the necessary changes within me and my life to feel the presence of love more significantly. Essentially I just wanted to be happy and feel loved. And being that I had already had forty seven years of feeling a lack of love it meant that big changes where needed.

As I was writing this, I was interrupted by Spirit wanting to channel the following message through for you. This insight came to me from the Divine Feminine Spirit within me, my Higher self and the God within me if you will. For me this aspect of who we are is the essence of God and therefore has a much value as that of Spirit Guides, Angels and other spiritual beings.

“The Soul desires nothing. The Heart desires everything. Your Soul’s plan is God’s way of elevating you to the fullest expression of who you are.

In this likeness of God, love reveals all and all that is needed from you is to follow through with the plan. You must hear its whispers as the job of the Soul is to bring them to you. The yearnings, the intuitions, the calling – all of your Soul speak is the tool you have at the ready to call forth your plan and begin its implementation.

No matter where you are in life, if you feel a lack within the Soul it indicates you are not living your full potential as we see it for you. Yes, there are times when the push and pull or ebb and flow of its pathway is out of your control. Always though, you will have an intuitive knowing at the core of your being to know your are on the right path to freedom and are essentially following the right guidance to get you there.

There is however one distinction that needs to be made. Evolution and the unfoldment of the Soul’s plan is not a destination. It is not a creative pathway where by you set out to action your goals, dreams and visions into being.

True Soul magic is the evolution of unfolding the Soul’s plan and the Destiny being the fullest expression of who you are holds for you. 

The co-creative pathway of your dreams is more eloquently unfolded by the magic of the law of attraction and the pressure points that exist to distinguish life’s markers and turning points.

Align and Attract

Giving yourself the freedom to be who you need to be is all the Soul alignment you need. Unfolding this vibration is a journey of magical proportions that is not without its pain and challenges. Yet in the acceptance of who you are there is Love. Not only for yourself but also for others and it is this seemingly irrelevant piece of the puzzle that most forget. 

Life does not exist without love. It is a core factor of who we are from the moment of creation. Humans respond to Love, actually when you think about it so too do most creatures. The Soul responds to Love like it does to nothing else. No other source of energy will bring about the positive effects that Love does for you.”

Creating a shift in your focus is all that is needed for you to bring about small amounts of change that will help you embody peace and healing.

Turn your focus away from everything that is happening “to” you. Away from the external pressures of others and the worry about trying to fix all the problems and instead begin to focus more on your heart and your emotions. Amidst the day to day of life, bring your attention to within, to how you feel and explore your inner world.

with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in the Feminine Spirit Mediumship.

I support women to embody their mediumship with the energy of Divine Feminine.  This expands your mediumship to embody your purpose and have you show up in life as the sensual, confident, co-creative being you are that is naturally aligned with your destiny and expands your relationship with Spirit.

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