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Fear and Intuition with Chenae Carey

by | Jul 14, 2020 | 2020, Interviews, Videos

“I would say, we have we have one purpose in this lifetime. I would say that that is to evolve, we have one job and that’s to evolve.

Chenae Carey is an intuitive guide, and intuitive teacher and a meditation teacher. Today we are going to have a little bit of chat around intuition and fear and why so many people struggle with trusting their intuition.

Why do you think so many people, especially women, struggle with acting on their intuition. Why Why are people feed for doing that?

Chenae: Oh there’s a variety of things, but they usually boil down to a couple.

Number one is they’re really often afraid of getting it wrong thinking that there’s a wrong decision to make. But what I think is really interesting is that if we could kind of maybe look at a different perspective, because there are really no wrong choices.

Ultimately, you’re going to be guided to whatever it is that you’re meant to do. And even if you perceive it to be wrong, there will be gifts, in every experience, there will be something for you to learn to grow and evolve in everything.

I reckon the other fear is about judgement, you know, the idea that when we receive a little nudge or whatever, however you describe your intuition, and perhaps you can’t explain it to a loved one or a friend or a colleague or someone that you’re like, I don’t know why I just know or I just can feel it or, you know, I could hear this that I you know, this Word on repeat or whatever it might be, however, that it’s been received. And I think that that judgement is both self judgement, and the fear of judging others and others not understanding us and feeling like we’re strange or unusual or that we, we can’t quite articulate it. So I think that most circumstances boil down to one of those two things.

Being around like minded people makes it so much easier. So, you know, finding those like minded people is so important, I think on the spiritual path, it doesn’t make the road less bumpy, perhaps because those bumps are, you know, a part of what makes us who we are, but that like minded circle around us, that we that we, those people that we hold close, I think, make a big difference. – Chenae Carey

There’s a lot of magic that happens outside of the comfort zone. And you know, it’s it’s one of those things where for me, it’s so worth the discomfort, it is so worth it because as I said five years ago, and you’ve spoken to me in 2015, I could not have possibly imagined what would have happened in the five years since then to now in 2020. There’s no way but there was some really, really shitty times you can be spiritual, and you can say things like shit, like it’s more than likely, okay? If there’s not this one particular way that it has to be, but if you set yourself up to go, this is how my life has to be. And you’re only open to these sort of, you know, that really narrow, narrow kind of vision and perspective and Periscope. Then what you do is you block out all of the possibilities that are out here because your intuition will guide you for your for your business. possible outcome but not in your human terms. You know, what you think is success, you know, whether that’s I don’t know, a mortgage or 700 children or whatever that might be. Your intuition is not interested in your personal gain. It’s about the evolution.

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Chenae’s website: https://chenaecarey.com/

Chenae’s Daily online meditation: https://chenaecarey.com/meditation/

Chenae’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chenaecareycoaching

Chenae’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfYABB74OE1Vv3vZixQYCGw

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