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Conversation with Mediums – Feminine Spirit Susan Ferraro

by | Sep 30, 2020 | 2020, Interviews, Podcasts, Sacred Goddess, Self Love, Videos

If there is one video you have to watch on manifesting with the feminine spirit than this is it! 

Join Kerrie as she chats with Susan Ferraro to delve into Susan’s 6 step processing of manifesting with the Soul. If all the mindset works feels like it’s not getting you anywhere, then you will want to hear what Susan has to share.

Susan Ferraro is the former burnt out, pissed off Design Director of the US brand Kate Spade New York turned Coach, Speaker & Creator of the 2 transformational programs – EASY PEASY LOA™ & EASE-Y MONEY™ .

After years of creating a lot of success as a designer in the fashion industry & (over)achieving everything she ever wanted – at the expense of her time, energy & health – she realized she didn’t want any of it. She then entered the online biz world seeking freedom & ease only to find herself repeating the same damn EXHAUSTING & unsustainable patterns of pushing ’til she couldn’t anymore followed by long periods of NOTHING needed for recovery. A way of living & working that she now refers to as THE RED ZONE.

After a shit ton of ​unnecessary ​blood, sweat & tears she finally found a way to let go of her horrifying work habits – such as perfectionism, procrastination – as well as the ​unnecessary ​blood, sweat & tears – & has since shifted HOW she makes money from EFFORT & EXHAUSTION to ENERGY & EASE which she lovingly refers to as – THE BLUE ZONE.

Through her content, products & programs found at EASE-YDOESIT.COM, she now teaches other burnt out, overwhelmed, high achieving women how to feel ALIVE again without sacrificing their health OR their wealth.

You can reach out to Susan here Website: https://www.ease-ydoesit.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLwM…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamsusanf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamsusanf/

with love & gratitude,

As a Feminine Spirit Medium, Kerrie Wearing is on a mission to share stories of everyday people embracing their journey into Feminine Spirit Mediumship to showcase that what Feminine Spirit Mediumship means for you, and that Mediumship truly is an inherent aspect of the soul, available to each and everyone of us. Embodying Mediumship with the power of the Feminine Spirit:

🔮Creates a life path of ease and grace

🔮Gives you more confidence

🔮Creates a greater ability to manifest your desires in co-hesive emobodiment with your purpose and destiny

🔮Provides healing and soul evolution through the journey of JOY, not the struggletown of having to learn lessons.

🔮The Power is with you and not handed to some other celestial being.

🔮and gives you Mediumship that is unique, clearer, more direct and has a greater capacity to transform lives.

Want to know what your psychic strength is? Then take my quiz here and receive a copy of my ebook Understanding your Psychic Abilities. https://www.kerriewearing.com/what-is…

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in the Feminine Spirit Mediumship.

As a psychic medium soul coach with over 20years of experience, I support women to embody their mediumship with the energy of Divine Feminine.  This expands your mediumship to embody your purpose and have you show up in life as the sensual, confident, co-creative being you are that is naturally aligned with your destiny and expands your relationship with Spirit.

More about Kerrie…

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