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As an Empath when you feel the effects of connecting with the pain of others it is very common to not realize this is occurring and mistake the pain for that of your own. 

Clairsentience is the psychic ability that enables you to feel the energy of others, situations and places which while received quite subtly the information is then expressed through physical symptoms in your emotions and body.

I love being clairsentient and really value it as a psychic strength because when I received psychic messages in this way, I know how I feel! There is no doubt like there can be when receiving a vision or thought form. I know I have chest pain to represent a loved one passing from a heart attack for example. This is gold to me!

Yet so many of us struggle with the lingering after affects of having made a connection in this way and not realizing a psychic connection has even been made at all.

What do you do to recognize your clairsentience and be able to balance this super power.

  • You will find that you are a highly emotive person, leading life from your emotions.
  • You are empathic to the emotional needs of others.
  • You will find you are easily affected by the energy of places you visit.
  • And you will also find you are easily drained of energy by others and places.

Increasing your awareness of your own soul energy is a major key to managing your clairsentient ability. Being mindful of your body and how it feels moment-to-moment, and acknowledging that this is one way your body and soul communicate to you.

Working with your body and emotions on a daily basis to understand when something shifts, no matter how small and then seeking to understand the purpose behind that communication as to whether it is related to you or the energy of another.

with love & gratitude,


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Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and yes I am a psychic medium investigator.  I support mediums to strengthen their connection to Spirit, enhance their readings and be the confident and successful mediums they want to be.

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