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Being an Empath

has its own set of unique challenges.

What’s yours?

According to Google Dictionary:

Empath (noun) is person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another.

Empath’s Survival Guide

Does this sound like you?
  • Unexplained mood swings
  • Your a nurturer, helpful and giving person.
  • Find yourself easily connecting with the pain of others.
  • Can find yourself experiencing restlessness, a loss of direction and unfulfilled at times.
  • Having more emotional balance in your life.
  • Being more empowered with your psychic and mediumship connections.
  • Not being so overwhelmed with all you need do.
  • Understanding why you feel what you do.

In Video #1 we’ll cover how to identify you are an Empath and what are some of the unique challenges Empath’s experience especially when working psychically or as a medium.

In Video #2 we’ll talk about those ever popular topics of psychic vampires and energetic protection.  Hear why these are two of my least favourite topics and I’ll share with you why I see them as band aid solutions and why I prefer you to understand how the law of attraction plays a role in your Empath sensitivities.

In Video #3 we are going to delve into your Divine Feminine and understand how this thread of your Soul energy is at the core of your Empath sensitivities.


In Video #4 I’m sharing with you some daily practices that will really help you to manage your energies and empath sensitivities more effectively so you are empowered, balanced and not in overwhelm.

Why work with me?

I will never judge you and will always offer a safe sacred space of support and empathy to learn, heal and evolve.

With over 20 years experience as a psychic medium and soul coach and a money back guarantee, you can trust me to help you.

I don’t offer your typical psychic reading that leaves you wondering what to do next. You’ll have a powerful path forward to follow.

This is the right fit for you if…
  • You’re spiritually motivated and are seeking to be the best version of yourself
  • You need answers, guidance, direction and support going forward.
  • You want to feel safe and supported
  • You believe that our thoughts and beliefs co-create our reality
  • You take personal responsibility and you are seeking higher awareness and understanding to aid in your manifesting with greater consciousness.
This may not be a right fit for you if…
  • You’re only interested in fortune telling outcomes. How I work is to not only give you a reading but also help coach you to develop actionable steps to manifest your soul’s desires.
  • You’re not really interested in being guided. Every now and then a client will come along where they are not open and ready to listen to my guidance. I can’t help these people.
  • You’re not ready to invest in your soul’s growth. If you are not truly committed to going on your personal journey to discover who you are, then you may not really value a reading.

Empaths connecting to their ‘Divine Feminine’ is a brand new concept for me. It’s an exciting new ideal that others will want to explore.

There is so much valuable information to help Empaths and those who want to become more of an Empath.

Anne Hunter - NSW, Australia

This mini-course is perfect for someone who knows that they have empathic qualities, but doesn’t have a full understanding or appreciation for what that means. 

Kerrie has a way of explaining things that feels far less overwhelming than other resources I’ve come across, and feels gentle and loving.

I highly recommend that you check this course out to better understand how to care for your empathic self. It will inform, inspire, and encourage you to explore further.”

ERIN HODGSON - New Zealand