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Watch the video here: Is it a psychic strength or psychic weakness? How to deal when it reeks havoc on your life and why is it part of the Medium’s job description.

Being a medium or having any level of psychic sensitivity means that you walk through life with a heightened sensitivity within your soul to energy. Coming in contact with the energy of other people and environments is something we all experience each and every day though for the Medium, it has the added layers of the Spirit world and the fact that we are much more keenly attuned to all the emotion that this brings with it.

Medium’s are more keenly attuned to all the emotion

All of this additional emotion can reek havoc on our energy fields, our bodies and our lives if we do not develop healthy day-to-day practices to manage this on-goingly to housekeep our auras much like you would clean your kitchen.

Good energy housekeeping is imperative to maintaining any sense of balance in your life, but it is also an extremely important practice to be effective with your Mediumship. Being empathic and having those touchy feely abilities of an empath is actually a strength when it comes to Mediumship and using those abilities to communicate with Spirit. What is not often recognized though is that part of a mediums role is to transform and heal energy, which occurs on a soul level between you, your client and the spirit world every time you do a reading. For me, I see it as part of my job description and I give myself wholeheartedly to this process, so others can heal. Therefore, I choose not to use protection and instead will deal with and manage my energies after the process, knowing firstly I am capable and secondly, it’s all rooted in love and healing.

This means managing my soul’s energy has become a daily practice, just like brushing my teeth and here I’m offering you some understanding that I’m sure may help you to manage your energy too.

What to look for when your Soul energy is out of whack:

  • Unexplained emotion
  • Overwhelm
  • Out of balance
  • Light headedness
  • Moodiness
  • Failure to concentrate and focus
  • Clumsiness
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Feeling disconnected

One of the first things I will do when being hindered by my Soul’s energy is to my inner guidance source whether or not the energy is mine or does it belong elsewhere. This then leads to me knowing I have Spirit energy with me, that I have taken on energy from elsewhere or I begin delving into my own shit.

To assist here, I highly recommend using Lemongrass essential oil. Whether you burn it, demist it or wear it on your person is up to you, though I do find it highly effective.

Once I cleared that I’ll then work at grounding myself with some of these techniques.


Visualisation procedure for grounding

  • Place your feet flat on the floor
  • Imagine tree roots growing out of the soles of your feet, growing and securing themselves into mother earth, the ground beneath your feet. Quite simple, yet extremely effective.


I recommend that you ground yourself at the completion of any activity which involves you connecting with the spirit world, at the end of every meditation, when you have finished partaking in any form of spiritual healing, at the end of doing a reading and especially when you are new to psychic development and have finished any form of psychic exercise. I also think the necessary grounding process gives us an opportunity to be grateful for the connections to Spirit we have just made. So offering a prayer of thanks and gratitude during your visualisation is a good practice to develop.

Other grounding tips:

  • Have a shower or bath.
  • Go without shoes, especially walking on the grass or the beach.
  • Housework and or gardening often have the same affect.
  • Swimming.
  • Getting back to nature.


I’d love to help more if I can, so tell me below in the comments what is your biggest struggle when it comes to managing your empathic abilities?


with love & gratitude,


Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and yes I am a psychic medium investigator.  I serve developing mediums to strengthen their connection to Spirit so they can enhane their readings and be the successful and confident mediums they want to be.


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