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Each of us have a dream, to live with peace, happiness,  JOY and LOVE while experiencing the life you were born to live.

WOSBook1FrontCoverWebWisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with Love & inSpiration made simple is the new book by Soul Coach and Medium Kerrie Wearing, which will provide you with the simple, everyday tools and daily disciplines that will lead you forward to experience life with an awareness of your Soul, you never thought possible.

Written from personal experience, the foundations of Wisdom of the Soul are the very techniques Kerrie uses in her own life to discover her Soul purpose and create her dream life.

Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with Love & inSpiration made simple shares with you the importance of self love, how life flows with ease and grace with the Seven Soul States of Grace, how intuition, psychic awareness and even mediumship are all a natural gift of the Soul and how soul awareness is as simple as a daily Soul Conversation.

Plus, you’ll discover how to bring more of your Soul Self into those all important areas of your life, Career, Money and Relationships, all the while aligning with the path that will lead you to discover your Soul Purpose.

“There is no greater a powerful being than the Soul that is consciously connected to all that they are, all that they can be while fully realizing that in their life.”


Wisdom of Soul: How to live life created with Love & inSpration made simple has been growing in my heart for the last three years as Spirit guided me to release myself of all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from achieving all that I want to and from seeing the truth of who I truly am.  Both you and I are the essence of the Divine Spirit, and as such we deserve to live a life that fully expresses that.

During the spiritual transformation which unfolded me as a precursor to writing Wisdom of the Soul, I learnt to love myself and create my life with new found awareness and a deepening connection to All That Is.  Life now flows with an ease and grace never before experienced and the discovery of my true Soul purpose is what lead to writing Wisdom of the Soul.

I’ve taken the everyday tools and understandings I personally use to communicate within and create a life guided by inSpiration and woven with the energy of Love.  Wisdom of the Soul encapsulates the HOW of living an everyday Soul centered life.

Right now, I’m opening the door to pre-orders of Wisdom of the Soul with a funding campaign that will run throughout February 2015.

Along with ordering your copy of Wisdom of the Soul, you will have a chance to take advantage of some of my other work including Soul Purpose Mediumship sessions and you also have the opportunity to get your name mentioned in the book.  The Acknowledgements and Gratitude page is my way of being able to say thank you for your early support of this all important creation.


Wisdom of the Soul Pre-order Campaign ends

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In supporting the pre-order funding campaign this month, you will also be helping bring Wisdom of the Soul into reality as your donations will be assisting with funding the costs associated with publishing and printing. For this you have my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your support.  Thank you 🙂


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