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This week I’ve been a little flat both physically and emotionally with the reason behind it illuding me a little.  The only thing I knew to do was to write though before I got the opportunity to, I heard Spirit say “Where does freedom come from?”  I knew then this was the Soul Conversation readying itself for my writing session.


As I began the writing session, I immediately felt the presence of the Angelic realm which for me represents the essence of love and signifies where the inspired information was going to come from.

Here is what flowed onto the page:

“The Soul’s journey sparks the longing for less constraints and the freedom to be who you are.  Underneath it all, all emotional unrest is caused by this lack of freedom which equates to the love of self.

Loving yourself enough to give yourself the freedom to be who you truly are – day in and day out.  This really is all there is.  When in love, it is about reflecting this to and so to, is it in the work you do.  Living breathing it all.

When emotional unrest rises to the surface the only question you need ask is ‘Where am I not being my true self?’ Sit with this and allow what needs to be shown to reveal itself in truth.

Harbouring resentment for what isn’t – is not the answer nor is tearing yourself apart trying to take action.  Listen, rest and allow.  It is the way of the peaceful warrior.

Heralding a new dawn – the peacemaker.  Behind that door is a gift of your own making containing clarity, freedom and love.  All hallmarks of your desire and the gift that is being given.  Yours to make of it what you will.  We bring you to the brink, how you proceed is then your decision, your choice, your freedom.

What if we could tell you, show you that tomorrow is another day with a drastic turn of events if you allow it.  Freedom and loving yourself enough to let it go.”

At this point my thoughts turn to my 3 day a week temporary office job which has been financially necessary for the last 4years.  This began as a 6week assignment that turned into 4years which without a doubt has met a lot of my needs during that time, while never really being something I wanted to do. Hence the reason, I chose to stay a casual temporary employee even amidst the numerous offerings of permanent employment over the years.

Realizing this is Spirit’s way of telling me its time to let go, I initially respond with fear by reaffirming to Spirit the need for the financial support required to enable this change.  ie, my biz needing more solid financial sustenance.  Their response was a firm “Maybe we already have”.  This being by way of a recent property financial settlement.

Lastly I hear “You’ll see, you are leaving soon.  There is no choice – its conspired.  Arm yourself as this is part of the preparation we have spoken about, so know this.  Feature what you need with writing being one focus and your soul focus another.  Get to it and remember, if not now then soon.” 

At this point I slept on it and the next day with the help of dialoguing with a friend, I have decided to let go, resign from the day job and take that leap of faith.  Back myself, my creative powers and ultimately love myself even more by solely focusing on the work I want to do while trusting and allowing more than ever that it is the right time for this change.

Let me ask you a question now. Where do you need to take a leap of faith in your life to be more of who you truly are?  No matter how big or small the change may be, it will have you stepping out of your comfort zone and that is always a little scary.  Take that leap though, as waiting for you is the freedom your heart desires.

with love

Kerrie xx

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I am passionate about helping spiritually inspired people like you to manifest your dream life with the magic that lies within your soul.  I believe the answers you seek to achieve soul success lie within you, your soul and its connection to the Universe.  And so, you will find that my blog, my website and all of my work is crafted from my soul to provide you with the inspiration, the wisdom,tools and techniques to assist you with tapping into your very own Soul Magic.
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