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Too often I hear of people encountering negative experiences with Mediums largely because of inexperience.  Yes, there are the charlatans, but I genuinely think right now the bigger issue we face is people who are new to Mediumship setting up a professional practice way before they should.

How is the public to know whether any Medium is capable or not, or how can they be sure of getting their value for money?

The psychic industry largely does not have any governing body, and it is only now that some Professional Mediums with a long history of teaching, like myself are establishing Certification programs so you can have faith in the training, abilities and work of a medium you choose.

This blog post is to give you some insight into what to look for in a good quality professional medium.

It begins with:

  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Mission and Purpose

These are the qualities a Medium living a strong connection to Spirit in their own life will exhibit.  You see for me being a medium is about so much more than being able to deliver readings and messages.  Its true when they say that being psychic does not automatically make one Spiritual.

Truth It is more than just being honest.  When living in truth one acknowledges the truth within and is challenged with expressing that truth and bringing in to their life. The truth of the Spirit within does not always gel peacefully with the expectations of this world or the people around us, yet a good medium really lives knowng their is no other choice but to be who they are in truth.

Look at how they live their life.  Is it filled with gossip, inuendo and drama? Or is there a strong sense of assurity as they take risk, get comfortable with change and know that our sense of self is the answer even in the face of difficulty and adversity.

Integrity – is a natural result of being in alignment with Spirit.  Spirit only operates in truth, understanding and compassion.  So to see a lack of these traits even when one may be claiming a high sense of professionalism and integrity really indicates a false sense of integrity.  Integrity knows there are boundaries within reason.  Integrity knows there is learning and purpose for both sides for all interactions and integrity knows that what is given out does surely come back, so walks in a sense of mindfulness of their actions and behaviours.  Actions always speak louder than words.

Mission and Purpose – Those deeply aligned with Spirit are driven and have a strong sense of purpose.  Being of service to Spirit has them living their role in the Divine Plan.  Operating on a whim is a minimal occurance as the Soul is totally aware of their mission in life, knowing they have a part to play.  All be it a small one.

Now, what to look for in when choosing your Medium

Word of Mouth is always a good recommendation

2. A Website is preferred, it means they take their work seriously and see it as a profession not a hobby.

3. Credentials and Recommended Teachers – There are no overall governing bodies which indicate a professional standard of mediumship, especially here in Australia.  So here are my recommendations to help identify when your Medium has received some good quality training and perhaps certification.

  • Kerrie Wearing
  • Tony Stockwell
  • Lisa Williams
  • Arthur Findlay College (UK)

4. Do they offer a Code of Ethics and a Refund Policy?

5. TV presence does not necessarily equate to quality.  In fact a lot of mediums with high integrity would not take their work to some of the “for entertainment only” style of TV shows due to valuing the work over promotion and opportunity.  Serious consideration would always be given to the bigger picture and how Spirit is represented before their own personal gain.

6. Research – follow them on Facebook and social media.  Get a sense of who they are which is much easier to do now.

7. The price of the reading really should equate to experience, level of profile and what you can expect.  Ask around, do some research for what is the norm and what is beyond acceptable.

During the reading

1. A professional explanation of what to expect and how they work.

2. They should be more concerned about your needs than getting excited about their ‘hits’.  Of course accuracy is important, but humbleness is too.

3. The information should be delivered with statements, not questions.

Eg, “I believe your mum passed from a lung condition.”  Not, “who was the lady who passed from a lung condition.”

Questions should be kept to a minimum and ideally in the vain of “Do you understand?”, “Does this make sense to you?”

4. Will humbly accept a “No” from you as to being incorrect.

5. At least 90% of the information you receive should be relevant and understood by you.

There can sometimes be a component that you may not know right now, whether you need to ask someone else or it is predictive by nature.

Or in the instance when Spirit is trying to prove their existence and the validity of mediumship, such as the time I was reading for two ladies who were married to brothers.  I had been communicating with their mother-in-law who began to introduce Fred, although she didn’t like him.  Fred said he had passed away and confirmed it by showing me a funeral procession.  The ladies said they knew a Fred, but he was still living.

It wasn’t until they went away and did the research they found that Fred had indeed passed away and they just didn’t know.

6. Mediumship with good training behind it will contain information that builds a picture of who the spirit is, information about your life and what they can see happening in life for you, (this proves their consciousness awareness and for me is where the magic happens) and then there is a reason and purpose for why the connection is occurring, this is the healing.  Anything less than this is a medium not doing their job.  This criteria is explained in depth in my book A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within

Lastly your experience should be a positive one.  You should leave feeling uplifted with a sense of having your needs met.  If the session is about a loved one in Spirit, overall you should feel a sense of healing that came from the connection.  While it may be emotional and you may need time to process, if it feels empty then the medium has let the team and you down.  Try to open up the doorway to discuss this with a question similar to “This is not really what I expected and I’d like to talk about that, please”

You would do that this if you got a bad haircut, so why not with Mediumship services too. And don’t be afraid to ask for you money should you be dissatisfied.  I personally will know in the first 10mins if I have something of value to offer you, and if not, I gladly explain what is happening and will return you fee.

If your medium is certified or perhaps a member of an association of any sort, then make use of their complaints process if need be.  More and more we need to be aware, vigilant and work together to maintain a high standard of mediumship.  I may not have covered everything here, so I invite you to comment and add your thoughts or experiences below.

Personally, I do offer Mediumship consultations for which you’ll find all the relevant information here.  I’d be honoured to serve you, meet your loved ones in Spirit and have you know they are still with you and bonded for life.

Coming soon in another blog will be information on how you can prepare for a reading to receive the highest potential from working with a medium.

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