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“We need to come clean”

by | Feb 26, 2022 | 2022, Kerrie's Diary, Sacred Goddess

“We need to come clean” is what I heard from Spirit

“We need to come clean” is what I heard from Spirit

“About what?” I asked

“The restructure you’ve gone through.  You see, abundance not just peace also comes to those who seek it.  Yes, it does require alignment but not in the way you think with matching your vibration.

For you, it is a whole other vibration that unlocks the door to wealth and abundance.  As it is for many.  It’s like a secret formula and we need you to know this to teach others as it is not out there for people to know about and it is far simpler to effect.

The true nature of who you are is key.  It provides freedom, truth and an evolution that can only lead to abundance.  It is what Jesus meant when he said ‘Come into my kingdom and you will have all that you need’.

Once there, once you exist within this vibration the revolving door stops and you see your abundance grow.  There is a structure, a formula that brings wealth to you through the nature of being YOU.

It does take a lot of clearing of ego structures to create this Freedom vibration.  Which is where you have been yourself for many years.

This new home signifies the peace that is on the horizon.  You are turning a door with magnetising money, though remember systems need to be place to call it forth.

We ask that you tell people about this conversation and ask them…

What does life look like for them when living their Authentic self?

  • What do you do more of?
  • How will you feel?
  • What would you let go of or change?

You see this is the fasttrack to up level your abundance and allowing yourself to be the true master of your Universe.”

If only I knew that! This is a conversation I had with Spirit not long after to moving to Bowen Mountain. I certainly recognised the challenge of breaking down of ego and the need to accept life as it is.  And this month I can see the abundance with having just made more in my business this month than I have in the last six months but what I am struggling to recognise is how this move has unfolding a new level of authenticity for me.

As I write this though, I sense my soul urging me to not over think it too much.  That the uplevel in authenticity lies in acceptance.  Accepting what is before me and not trying to change it, instead going with it even though it’s not ideal.  Knowing in truth, this is where I am guided to be whether I think it works for me or not.  I’m learning that the Universe is always serving me and this is the first major change of leaning into that with trust.  This is the letting go of the ego to make way for the magic.

Already the magic of Bowen Mountain is starting to reveal itself.  Besides the flow of new clients, living here is really speaking to the Shaman in me.

While the princess in me is struggling to adapt to what living in Bowen Mountain means.  Tank water, sewerage pump outs, gas bottles, no kerb and guttering or street lights.  The constant croak of our frogs and potential to meet Mr Snake one day, this Shaman has come to understand that Bowen Mountain is where humans live with a greater capacity to harmonise with nature.

It is where we humans have built a community taking nature into account, instead of bulldozing it like most of Sydney suburbia.  The houses here are built into the side of the mountain, amongst the trees allowing its beauty to remain and for the wildlife to continue to thrive. Once I realised this expression of harmony, I can now let go of the need for how I am used to living, and accept living more authentically with Spirit of nature all around me.

Being able to hand feed a King Parrot from your balcony certainly feels magic to me.

Before you leave though, remember Spirit wanted me to ask you a question. You are invited to share your answers with me below in the comments., though please at least have this conversation with Spirit in journal if not here.

 What does life look like for you when living your Authentic self?

What do you do more of?

How will you feel?

What would you let go of or change?

Let’s Connect…..

with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I support you to manifest a life you love.

With this raw and real bio I want you to know I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit.

My love for this life sees me use my mediumship and my 5 pillars of feminine manifesting to support you with manifesting a life you love.

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