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With the energies of yesterday’s full moon I was inspired to sit and write about living from the heart.

This is what flowed onto the page:

The heart is a magical creature.

It guides you with it’s whispers. It feels for you. It seeks for you to express who you are with each emotions it reveals to you and it does all of this without seeking compensation.

Your heart and it’s infinite wisdom knows only love. It is the love it has for you that guides you to live a life that fulfills you. One that is glorious and sees you shine.

When this is lacking in someway, shape or form it is the your heart that cries in pain in an effort to reveal to you exactly what it is that is causing this discomfort. Giving you the power to make change, heal and live life in greater harmony.

Yet why is it that as humans we so often choose to hold on to that pain. Why do we choose to wallow and hold onto the pain of the past or the difficulties of the present when deep down we do know categorically that whatever it is that is causing us pain is not meant for us. It is not in tune with your Spirit which knows only grace and love.

It is the heart, which leads you to serve your Spirit, to personify in human form what your Spirit is. It is the heart that allows you to know your Spirit. It is the heart that allows you to know yourself in the light of the Divine and to honour that by being in full service to you.

However we continue to dishonor and discount the mutterings of the heart while walking around numb, existing only to serve obligation and the expectation of others. Persona non grata! Free yourself of living a half hearted existence. Find it within yourself to open your heart and dig right in to find the jewels.

To do this yes one must heal the past, though it is more prudent to honour the whispers of the now. When the heart speaks, listen. When it guides you to act, honour by following through. When it yells that you need to make an about face and take off in another direction. Do it!

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, so they say. But isn’t the greatest fear getting to the end of your life and feeling that your life was a life half lived. That your heart didn’t sing or love as well as you could have.

There is peace in these here words. From my heart to yours, I love you enough to share this inner wisdom of my heart. As it calls me, it calls you for we are all connected as one and this I know to be true. May tomorrow be a day that God grants you the gift of listening to your heart and the strength and wisdom to honour its whispers.


Following this inspired writing, I began to question where I wasn’t living from my own heart.

I’ve always prided myself on honouring my truth and I know in the last couple of years I’ve walked away from my marriage, bought Mojito my mini cooper and taken a leap of faith by walking away from the day job income to focus on my soul centered biz full time. These are significant changes, that have not been easy yet I know have been made because I am honouring my own heart. So my first thoughts where “Ok Spirit, if your telling me I need to live from my heart more, I’m not getting it”

Within a few minutes a little more inspiration hit.

When the energy of love flows from your heart out into the Universe it connects you to your Soul’s destiny, drawing to you all you need to support that Destiny.

Miracles Happen!

Doors open where they wouldn’t have previously.

Miracles Occur!


Following this insight, I received personal messages from Spirit regarding my work and its directions.

Directions that include airplanes and sharing my work the world hold, helping people to live from their heart. These are insights I have had before about the potential of my work and having this inspiration has provided confirmation once again. Making it much easier to decide this morning whether to attend the Hay House Writers workshop here in Sydney this year or not.

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