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This weekend I’m spending a day studying Mediumship with the world renowned UK Medium Tony Stockwell.


Tony Stockwell and I at Omega Institute New York, 2011

Tony is a huge inSpiration to many mediums the world over, including myself.  Beyond his exceptional level of evidence and ability as a medium Tony exemplifies what Mediumship truly is about.

  • Humble
  • Driven
  • Self aware
  • in Service
  • Loving

In 2011, I had the honour of interviewing Tony for a feature article in inSpirit Magazine so I’ve dug it out of the archives to share with you again in honour of this weekend.

Full Interview Here

For more information on Tony, his website is http://www.tonystockwell.com/








Kerrie Wearing is a soul coach, a medium and author of A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within. Kerrie is passionate about helping people to live their Soul Purpose knowing they are One with Spirit and coaching Mediumship practitioners to achieve high levels of integrity, professionalism and accuracy of Mediumship through strong foundations with Spirit.

She is also founder and managing director of inSpirit Magazine and Publishing. A high quality magazine offering Spiritual solutions for Soul centred living. With over 15 years of professional experience, Kerrie is highly regarded within the international spiritual community and is currently working on her second book, Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love & inSpiration made simple.

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