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Protecting your energy is the go to or popular solution according to traditional spiritual teachings when it comes to being empathic.  More and more though, those of us with modern views where our spiritual beliefs are founded in the feminine principals of connection, oneness and embracing love not fear will tell you that psychic protection is a thing of the past.

And here in this video extracted from Let’s get started with your Mediumship course in the Divine Feminine sacred academy, I share with you my thoughts on psychic protection and how its actually really sponsored by fear.

There is also one more thought I’d like to leave you with.

I recently had a conversation with my Spirit guides during one of my fortnightly Mediumship circles, seeking to understand Empath sensitivities more.

During this conversation they explained that some Empath’s such as myself have a soul agreement to offer healing in this way to others.  This means that when we make a connection underlying there is a process of soul healing taking place.

My question to you is, if this is the case then by using traditional forms of psychic protection such as white light visualisations and shielding are we not interferring, even hindering with this natural healing process and the soul agreement that is part of our soul purpose?

I believe we are.  And whats more I believe that being an empath can be a superpower when you work with this part of who you are from a place of awareness, love and connected to the core of your empath sensitivities, your Devine Feminine.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

with love & gratitude,


Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in the Divine Feminine.

I connect women to their Divine Feminine empowering their sense of self, their creativity and their Mediumship abilities, so they can live a life guided by love, purpose and Spirit.

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