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Last week was one of those monumental moments when you think everything is falling apart, that it can’t get any worse. Yet in actuality, everything is more likely to all be falling into place clearing the way for all the new opportunities, growth and inspirations that have been sitting in abeyance, ready to come into being only just waiting until you are really ready to receive.

For me, this process of clearing happened in the heat of the moment one day last week. Having a melt down, crying and with my thoughts spiralling into negativity I took myself for a walk.

Walking is something that helps me shift collective build ups of energy, that do not serve me well and place them where they need to go most – out and away. Leaving me with a stronger connection to self on a daily basis. Meditative in its own way, I receive guidance & inspiration from Spirit in this way, just as if i was sitting down to meditate with music, incense and the like. Its whatever works really isn’t it.

As I was walking, crying and bellowing for help upstairs, i felt the presense of an Angel approach offering healing and telling me that I stand in the ‘light of God’s grace’. Well so broken was I that in that moment, having had enough of the patience is a virtue road, I responded with “F**K God’s grace…that’s not what i need”. I heard her say ‘it’ll help with sustenance to keep you going through it”. I reiterated by saying “Enough! If you wanna help, then help me get to the end of this chapter…help me find the answers to finish it once and for all. That’s what i need.”

Later I felt obviously apologetic to her, but right then it was a shift that needed to happen.

To her good grace, she retreated to go and obtain some more help for it was only a few minutes later, that the calvery arrived. In the form of an influential spiritual being that I sometimes hear from and work ongoingly with under the guidance of his spirit team. He had the insight I needed and certainly helped in making me feel a whole lot better. So too, did the coffee and cake with a friend that day.

While I think this is a cute story, I don’t profess that we should respond in this way to the Spirit world as a matter of course, when we don’t get our way. Respect is vitally important and so too is understanding the purpose behind the challenges you are faced with. I do know in this instance, these Spirit beings who responded on the day totally understood where i was at even better than i did. I even feel their gratitude that I was able to step up by asserting my own energies in this way, as it will have a big impact on how I work with universal energy.

Leaving it there, I ask you to ponder where do you need to assert your truth, your needs to those around you. Don’t leave it till your on your knees, chip away each and every day knowing that even when things get really tough, Spirit does have your best interests at heart.


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