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Is giving too much costing you your Abundance?

by | Apr 10, 2022 | 2022, Kerrie's Diary, Sacred Goddess

“When you surrender to the giver in who you are and see this value in yourself, it is then that you have the freedom and power to harness this part of yourself and this part of your creative abilities in a way that can serve you to a greater degree.”

As a Soul orientated being with a natural disposition to be of service and give to others, hands up if you often find yourself in a position of lack where there can be a distinct experience of not having your own needs met, especially those needs that involve your finances and your relationships?

I have found this to be true in my own life experience, where at one point I diligently set about balancing this out by working with self love boundaries.  I learnt to receive and serve my own needs by valuing them just as much as I value the needs of those I love.  This hasn’t been an easy road by any means and one that I find is a constant work in progress.

Recently, Spirit has been impressing me with a little insight into how giving to others unconditionally and helping them be abundant can see your own abundance expand by nature of the law of attraction, and what you give out you receive.

As much as this in my mind may be true, it’s not the life experience I have had in regards to my own giving, so I sat down with those in Spirit who walk with me and had questioned this.  Below is the channelled wisdom that came through to clarify for us.

Spirit: “Applying boundaries, absolutely helps to create balance but does so by also applying limitations.  This unequivocally means the Universe is limited in how it can support you and your needs.

When you surrender to the giver in who you are and see this value in yourself, it is then that you have the freedom and power to harness this part of yourself and this part of your creative abilities in a way that can serve you to a greater degree.

Instead of expending energy endlessly only to create a drain on yourself, there is but one soul secret that will create balance for you and have all the energy you have given return to you, when you are in the space of giving unconditionally.

And that is simply to be mindful and set an intention for the creative energy you are using and sending out into the Universe. 

In the moment of giving or being of service, use an intention similar to this one.”

“In this moment I give unconditionally, asking that this energy be returned to me in Divine timing serving my needs beyond any expectation I may have”

“With the ego out of the way and allowing yourself to give in this way, it creates momentum as you go about helping to create abundance for others.  This is recognised as part of your Creative spark with all of those little moments of giving, energetically tracing back to you like little gold threads of Universal magic which in time will see this energy and magic returned to you.”

Me:  It feels like it depends on what the other person does with the help I have given.

Spirit: Not true, though if they take it and expand on it, then what comes back to you is increased, no doubt.

What wasn’t said but felt:  Your creative energy will serve us to a greater degree when you give it a job to do, and this is what you are doing when you set an intention.

The Universe does not judge whether its creative energy is used positively or negatively.  Universal energy just “IS”.  It is us that determines how Universal energy is applied, collectively and personally.  Mostly, this if left to our unconscious selves to make this determination which results in repeated unconscious egoic behaviour, which when it comes to giving often does not value our own needs or allow for you to receive.

You however can absolutely determine how your creative power is to be used,  You have the power to set the intention, all you need do is ask.  Give it a job to do and then watch the Universe do its magic as it goes about supporting those intentions.


  Share with me below in the comments how you could use this         understanding from Spirit and make a change in your life.

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