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The flip flop of an emotional rollercoaster where one day you feel light, happy and all is going well only to find yourself down, depressed and spiraling negatively the next is something every single one of deal with from time to time, only for some it can be more often than you would like.

Whatever the underlying cause or situation that triggers your emotional upheaval, following are my 3 tips to help you manage the day to day balance as you walk through to the other side to healing.

But first, I asked my Higher Self, the Divine Spirit within me what it wanted you to know about this topic.

“Healing resides in the moments of downward negative emotion, should you choose to give yourself that opportunity. Feel it and ask yourself “What is it that my Soul is yearning for beyond this emotion of………” (insert whatever emotion you are feeling).

Listen and the healing will call itself forth. The Soul has a natural propensity to heal – if you allow it.”


  1. Be honest with yourself.

If you feel like shit – honour that by being aware and holding your truth. The real key to transforming your day is what you do from here. Use the advice above from my Higher self during this time to reveal what you need to know to move towards healing.

  1. Use your toolkit of Change My Day tricks to shift how you feel.
  • journal
  • stop what you are doing, get out and do something different
  • spend time in nature
  • reach out and spend time with people who inspire you
  • do what you love, what makes you feel good and hold that space.
  • keep your self care high at these times
  1. Educate yourself about what your emotional and egoic triggers are.roller-coaster-590482_640

What is it that sends you into a spiral of negativity. Your ego springs into action in an effort to protect you when certain situational triggers occur, which are usually based on past experiences. Its just like your ego is saying “Hey, I remember what happened last time, so let’s not go there and experience that again.”

In my new book Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love & inspiration made simple, there is a whole chapter to help you Embrace your Ego and identify your triggers. I know from personal experience, that for me it was in becoming aware of my triggers that then had greater power to transform them. For instance, when I was having to experience other peoples negative judgement of me, or when a lack of finances would be come an issue it was so easy for me to spiral into days or even weeks of negative self talk and depression.

Yet, once I was aware to the hold these triggers had on me they simple no longer had the same power.

The real key to change this and hop off this kind of emotional rollercoster lies in raising your awareness of your unconscious egoic centered blocks, which these 3 simple self awareness tips will help you to do. You will then find yourself becoming proficient at managing and balancing out your emotions more consciously. Giving yourself greater clarity to heal and make the empowering choices needed to keep moving you forward.

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Kerrie Wearing is a soul coach, a medium and author of A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within and Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with Love & inSpiration made simple. Kerrie is passionate about helping people to live their Soul Purpose knowing they are One with Spirit and coaching Mediumship practitioners to achieve high levels of integrity, professionalism and accuracy of Mediumship through strong foundations with Spirit. Gain access to Kerrie’s Top 3 tips on Developing Mediumship video right now by signing up here.
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