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Interestingly, the last week or so has seen me holding a Soul Conversation with Spirit regarding valuing and pricing my Mediumship readings.

It began with Spirit impressing me with the suggestion that I re-price my Mediumship readings at $AUD90.00, a 50% discount effectively. Only, the idea isn’t to discount my readings. Spirit want me to price them here long term for the foreseeable future.

As you can imagine my first question was WHY? I have priced my readings valuing myself in the market place amongst my peers and trying to indicate to my clients that you are paying for my experience, my capabilities and the fact that I have successfully coached many mediums to achieve their own working careers over the years as well.

While I sense that Spirit does understand my reasoning and appreciate the fact that I have given a lot of thought to this aspect of my business over the years, they seem to have a much bigger picture in mind with this request.

So to further explain, I refer to Spirit to share their thoughts with you.


“We feel the need of others and Mediumship, true Mediumship, good Mediumship is becoming more and more out of reach for people. People who have pain, who struggle in life and people who need their hearts healed. Therefore, we have asked this medium to represent us in a way that befits what Mediumship is all about. It needs to be accessible to everyone.

In return we are going to broaden her reach and take care of every need that she has. This gift she is giving you will be returned to tenfold.

We ask all Mediums to think heartfully before charging what you do. When you believe in yourself, your abilities and your ability to receive then it does not really matter what you charge. However, should you charge above and beyond, compensating for a fear of lack then this ultimately will present challenges and difficulties until such time as you find balance with this.

From our heart to yours, let love lead the way when you make important decisions such as this, ask us to influence you and allow us the time to do so. Sometimes, effectively getting this type of information across to you is a challenge with minds that are set or focused in one direction. Open hearts and open minds can achieve so much more than you can fathom.

We leave you with this. Blessing to you.”

Like you though, I too can be in shock when I see how much some mediums charge for this service. Having seen prices such as $90 for 10mins at a psychic fair or $300 for a session, this level of pricing and beyond will always have me questioning the reasoning behind this decision along with what creative energy is sponsoring this.

I totally understand and even agree that it may be necessary when the infrastructure of the Mediums business is beyond that of the usual mediumship business and requires a larger fee structure to cover overheads. However, when that doesn’t exist and you have mediums who are essentially still in their apprenticeship with Spirit charging above and beyond what is reasonable, I am always a little sad and disappointed that this exists and that as yet, there is no qualification standard that can help to bring balance to this area of the Mediumship industry.

With this in mind, I am sharing this with you publicly hoping that this blog will highlight for you that it is worthwhile to question why a medium charges what they do, and to expect value for money. If your medium does charge above and beyond the norm, question why, and what they are offering beyond that of a medium such as myself that now charges $90.00. I have always felt this is a reasonable question to ask and would have no problem in answering. Any medium approaching their work with a deep and strong connection to Spirit will have priced their mediumship working through questions such as these. Spirit is always working hard to keep us honest and true.

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Kerrie Wearing is a soul coach, a medium and author of A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within and Wisdom of the Soul: How to Live Life Created with Love & inSpiration Made Simple. Kerrie is passionate about helping spiritually motivated people harness their soul speak and intuition to create their dream life with love, purpose and Mediumship.

With her online Mediumship Academy, Kerrie also coaches Mediumship practitioners to achieve high levels of integrity, professionalism and accuracy of Mediumship through strong foundations with Spirit and she is excited to be working on her third book Wisdom of the Soul: Manifest Your Dreams with Love & inspiration made simple.


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