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Every once in a while on this so called spiritual journey of mine, I come to a place where I feel like I really have no idea of what I am doing with it at all.

I question if I really do understand as much as I think I do. I question if going about what I am seeking to achieve and manifest is really working at all and I question what’s the point of this spiritual lifestyle and working hard to help others when I feel like I am still struggling after years of working hard to create change. Last night I was and still am to some degree totally pissed off with Spirit or more specifically my soul guidance source and its connections to the Universe. Yet again I am on my knees regarding getting my needs met financially, a saga that has dragged on for way too long. And yes while I can acknowledge there have been in roads, shifts along the way and little miracles every now and then I am so far over it being an issue at all that I question the need and desire for my dedication to be being of service to Spirit in the way I am. I’m sure many of you have been there too. Why not just walk away and give myself a break from all the emotion it takes to grow, the giving to others and just go buy a caravan and take some serious time out. The nagging thoughts of ‘What would you really do? You can’t live without Spirit’ and the fact that I literally cannot see myself doing anything else stop me. Within me, there is a little voice saying

“Ok, so the traditional spiritual teachings have only worked for you to a point Kerrie. Yes you have made in roads, but the questioning is good. Questioning whether you are missing something in the teachings or if there is something else to be known altogether to make it easier is well worth questioning. And we can assure you there is a better way to manifest what you desire. Easier and fast tracked.
It has been blocked because of your lack of self worth and we needed you to get to this point of questioning where you are able to accept your own inner wisdom as valuable or more valuable than the wisdom you see in others or read in their books.
We teach you and ask you to share it with others, that is all.
As for the need you have for financial freedom. Know that you will be taken care of. We have your back – know this truth and the pressure will ease creating freedom for more flow. Desires are your truth, we know this and so shall they be. Home, travel, all of it – yes it creates pressure for you now, we know this.”

KW: What can I do to really know deep down that I am taken care of. That my needs are being met. How can I see this?  

Release the expectation of the way you need to see these needs being met.

KW: Hard to do when the reality is $510/week rent and what goes out needs to come back in. 

Does it? You see where the imbalance occurs is you think it’s a black hole. That is goes out and doesn’t come back. I can assure you though this is not the case. You know you are connected to all things throughout all time and space, do you not?

KW: Yes.

So therefore it is all in this understanding.
You are already connected to the money you need for Scruffy’s operation, for the money you need for the Xmas trip, the trip to Hawaii and so much more.
See yourself pulling it in.
Write it on a piece of paper, put it in your Blessing jar and be done. Then let us take care of it for you.
For now fill your jar and then write. This is a good place to start, we are hear ready to share with you in this way.
As a result, I wrote on a piece all of my upcoming expenses including specific amounts and when I needed it by then placed them in the jar in the photo.  Stay tuned for the updates.

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing, a psychic-medium soul coach.

For over 20years I have been conversing with Spirit in regards to Spirituality, Mediumship, the Mechanics of the Soul and its connections to the Universe.

And now its time to bring you these same conversations.  You will find a lot of them occur as I face the daily challenges of living a spiritual lifestyle, operating my business as a psychic medium soul coach, being a partner, friend, mum and quite simply being me and not a whole lot different to you.

I share these blogs for two reasons.  Firstly because Spirit has asked that I do and second knowing that wisdom spoken by Spirit will help guide you as much as it does me.

Perhaps you have a specific question you’d like me to ask my Sexy Spirit team, which is a collective of Spirit energy residing within my Soul and its Universal connections.  It comprises but is not limited to my Higher Self and core group of what is generally known as Spirit Guides.

No question is too simple or too stupid.  All questions are considered. Please contact us here with your question.

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