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Today, I have a new appreciation for how much I do know and have self taught myself about Publishing.  While I’m not yet at the best seller status, I am on my way and I really just need to do some fine tuning of how I go about selling and marketing myself and my books.

After attending today’s workshop with The Publishing Queen, it has confirmed for me that I am on the right track and well placed to turn inSpirit Publishing into a powerhouse in the self help publishing world supporting authors of integrity, truth and a strong sense of service.  All qualities which are personally important to me.

Before today, I still questioned my capabilities in this area thinking there is something I am missing or those who are already successful would be doing it better.  Well today certainly proved, this is not necessarily the case with most publishing companies, even the “self publishing” ones still making it difficult for the little guy to get to their unique wisdom out into the world.

Each day I am blessed with seeing myself with new eyes and am valuing what I am seeing.

30 days of Self Love is a personal journey for Kerrie Wearing and one where she invites your conversation on how you self love.  Please feel free to join Kerrie’s journey and share the posts or comment and interact below.


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