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This morning as I woke, I asked my higher self “How can I love myself today?”.

The response was “Be kind to others”

I was a little surprised by this being that in not giving my self love, I am unbalanced with giving others more than I give myself. Yet upon reflection, if I’m honest this response was to counter balance my mood.

Since early evening last night, there was a tendency to stress over not having enough time to do everything which can result in me being crabby and frustrated with the family, as was evident at dinner last night. It can then spiral as I start to feel unsupported and focus on having to “do it all on my own”.  A belief I am now redefining.

Lucky, my family often have a tendency to just laugh at me sometimes when I’m like this.

Certainly this mood has been within easy reach all day, where I could just easily give into it and step into giving the power to that part of me, that stresses, worries, gets anxious and feels unsupported in life.

So in keeping the focus of being kind to others, I’ve managed to stay a little more centered and focus, with so far only one hiccup.  Sorry Nathan!

30 days of Self Love is a personal journey for Kerrie Wearing and one where she invites your conversation on how you self love.  Please feel free to join Kerrie’s journey and share the posts or comment and interact below.
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