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Breaking up with Spirit

by | Feb 28, 2021 | 2021, Your Spiritual Connection

In over twenty years my business has never been able to meet my financial needs and nor has it been able to sustain me with emotional freedom or joy.

I remember at one point in my marriage sitting at couples counseling and hearing very clearly that our relationship just had NOT worked. It was a moment of acceptance and very clearly drew a line in the sand.

Well right now, this is how I feel about my relationship with my mediumship business. We need couples counseling too because I want a divorce.

In over twenty years my business has never been able to meet my financial needs and nor has it been able to sustain me with emotional freedom or joy. There has been more struggle than flow and if I am honest with myself this is getting worse because I no longer have it within me to care and therefore to keep holding on.

(Oh my – I just realize right now that it was me getting to this point in my marriage that ultimately led to its demise. And now I’m here with my business…hmmm)

While I wholeheartedly acknowledge that my being in business with my mediumship has done a lot of good in the world. I have facilitated healing for a great number of people, I’ve helped people discover their connection to Spirit and without a doubt lives have been changed because of my efforts, including my own. Saying that however, I have given far more than I have received in return and it is now time that this comes to an end. I am drawing another line in the sand.

Breaking up with my business runs deeper than letting go of the need to earn money from my Mediumship. To me, while I still hold a believe in God/Great Spirit I also have a feeling of breaking up with Spirit somehow. I don’t fully understand what is entailed in this break up apart from letting go of an old way of being and no longer allowing myself to fight for something that perhaps just isn’t meant to be.

I still see myself being a medium and living from LOVE, I just truly have no idea right now as to how my mediumship is meant to be used for the greater good when I come to bring it to the world with a greater sense of balance so that I too have my needs met.

I write and share this blog with you more for my own clarity and healing than needing you to know where I am at. You see I no longer need for you to know how transformative a relationship Spirit can be. Should my sharing this however, reflect something for you in your own life then I am grateful you found it.

My heart is hurting with letting go because for over 20years I have wanted nothing more than to be your Medium and to share Spirit with you. My ego has held on for way to long, struggling and fighting against the current to try and make a success of it. Always, holding the vision, taking the action, evolving through the struggle and following the guidance all too effectively just keep going around in circles with very little business growth over many years.

It is time to relinquish my ego, fully surrender and say…

‘You know what Spirit – I’ve got no idea so how about you just show me the way and I’ll follow the signposts. And while you know I’ve said this many times before, this time I truly don’t care anymore. So show me what you’ve got and lets do it your way because I’m done with how I wanted it to be’

When I am in this space there are two directions that I am being shown. The first directive is to keep writing. Keeping doing blogs and keep sharing my journey and the knowledge I have gained over the years. And the second – wait for it! Is to become a Real Estate Sales agent.

Yeah I’m a bit surprised at myself too. Being that getting a paying job is needed I am choosing to love myself enough to do something I that would light me up and spark joy. I can see myself using my law of attraction knowledge to help people manifest their dream homes and this excites me.

I have no idea how my new foray into Real Estate will marry with my mediumship, I just know that at some point it does. So my only job right now is to follow the breadcrumbs set before me, take action when needed and make the decisions that need to be made when they arise and I am clear on what is right for me.

For now though there has been no definitive guidance to show me what all this means for my mediumship business, so until this becomes clearer I want you to know that I am still here to support you with your readings and my Creative Heart Feminine Spirit community.

Surrendering to God’s will is never easy. And it usually comes to be at a point when we are brought to our knees having given our all, yet still needing solutions. If this is where you are at too, please know you are not alone. The journey of living with Spirit is a complex one that while it is a relationship of the heart, it is also the very nature of the heart to need healing first before once experience true JOY.

My healing journey has just taken 25years FFS! LOL

So surrender to your healing. Create balance where it is needed and know that in doing so you are another step closer to your reality becoming the magnificent experience of peace and joy you desire it to be.

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with love & gratitude,

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a Spiritual Leader and mentor in Feminine Spirit Mediumship.

Do you want the raw and real bio where I tell you I’m just an everyday person like you who happens to have manifested the ability to communicate with Spirit and live life with the love of Spirit, the creativity of Shamanism and the awareness of a Spiritual leader or if you prefer the bio my business coach prefers then, as a Spiritual leader with over 20years of experience, I support women to embody their feminine spirit to expand their conscious connection with the Universe, so they can do life with confidence, purpose and in the Spirit of who they truly are – a Creative Heart Feminine Spirit.

LOL – just keeping it real!

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