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This evening I appeared as the guest medium at Campbelltown Spiritual Church.  At most spiritualist church services it is customary for the medium to give an inSpired talk before conducting a mediumship demonstration.

Tonight’s talk is worthy of sharing with you, so I do so with the intention it may be of help in someway.

Love is a natural part of who we are, a natural expression of the Soul and in fact is one of the Soul states of grace.

So why is it that we often feel so devoid of being loved.  Especially at times when the universal energies are challenging a lot of us as they are right now.  Many people have been encountering endings in many aspects of life since the beginning of the year.  These range from job endings, friendships, business closures and even the loss of love ones.

Why do we find it so hard to let love in?  The answer is not as difficult as you might think.  We can make it about needing self healing, having to forgive another and all the emotional baggage we usually identify with.  And sure we can work through all of this, thought at times we make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Often it is a simple as really making the time to be kind to yourself.  To honour any soul urge you feel and begin to have a real conversation with your Soul.

In real terms, this means the next time you feel an urge to go and Meditate, to sit in Solitude, to heal, to dance or to say no.  Do it!

We get so caught up in “oh I will, but i need to do this first”.  This being, taking care of the kids, preparing dinner, your to do list or anything else you want to insert in place of “this”.  What usually occurrs next is that we never get around to connecting with our Soul, because life has gotten in the way.  Then before too long the cycle keeps repeating itself and the Soul eventually goes quiet giving up and receding into ill health, all the while mentally asking for help and for guidance from Spirit.

Jewel’s song Satisfied says it all.

Busy people walking by
Can’t help but worry some
With so many things to do
So little love gets done
Empty hearts everywhere
Drowning but dying of thirst

Loving yourself first does not mean being selfish.  Far from it.  You are in essence giving to yourself so you can then continue to give to others.  To be the best you can be for others, and showing the important people in your life that you matter, and more importantly teaching them to love themselves too.

While making a change of this nature can be hard to do for some people, it is just a matter of making a mindset change.  Being mindful to incorporate some form of self love in your day, every day and allowing yourself to honour your Soul’s urges.

This will naturally result in life taking on a greater flow of ease and grace.  The balance you are looking for will come, and you’ll soon be looking back wandering what you did to have balance show up in your life.

What is it that you can right now to love yourself?  What does your Soul need from you?

Right now you more than likely have an answer to these two questions, so my wish for you is to take that inSpired action and make a small but monumental change to allowing Love into your life.

Satisfied by Jewel

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