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crystal-cavernOMG! I just realized that on Monday when I drew this weeks Spirit Guide Wisdom card that it was the Crystal Cavern and indicative of healing. And where exactly did I visit on Wednesday. Yep, the Crystal Castle. Goosebumps right there!


The Crystal Castle is on the far north coast of New South Wales in the Byron Bay hinterland. Founded 30years ago by owner Naren King, originally as a wholesale imported of quality natural crystals. Crystal Castle evolved over the years way beyond the “drop in” center it once was to the marvel of crystal healing and world renowned tourist attraction it is today, especially for those more spiritually inclined like you and me.

Built on an intersection of the earth’s ley lines, the gardens are beautiful but what is even more impressive are the boulder size crystals that are peppered throughout the grounds,


which I’m guessing are placed quite strategically. Along with the Buddha statues which all hold court over individual aspects of the gardens, you can’t help but be impressed by the beauty of all you see before you.

There is plenty of opportunity to find your zen with the afternoon activities, or do enjoy a private meditation amongst the tropical and peaceful surrounds. A little note here though: Crystal Castle is essentially a vortex of energy so if you are sensitive to energy and not quite used to intense healing energies please be mindful of any experiences of lightheadedness, headaches and heart chakra palpitations. All of which can be fixed with a little lunch at their vegetarian café, and the singing show put on by their resident magpie.

Personally, I found myself walking in heaven during my visit. I could feel the presence of love and to me this feels very comfortable with a strong sense of being home. I knew prior to going that I would receive some energetic healing just from being there. Being open with a soul that has a natural tendency to self heal (created after years of working on soul growth) would see this occur effortlessly and I need not worry or concern myself with anything but to enJOY myself, which I did.

Out of curiosity, while Jess got a tarot reading I got an Aura reading. It has been 7 years since my last one and I was curious as to the changes.


What stood out for me firstly, was the intensity, brightness and clarity that is now present. A result of all of that hard work over the years again. I see a lot more yellow present which to me indicates more positivity, joy and happiness.  My creativity is still present with the orange, though the real validation for me lies in the golden orb over my heart in the 2016 photo.  Validating the open heart I’ve been working so hard to achieve.

There is lots more to see I’m sure, and I would certainly be curious to hear your thoughts so please do comment should you feel inclined.  I’d also love to see your own Aura photo.

Coming back to our resort, I could sense something had shifted in my heart chakra which was validated by the download of Spirit communication which is normally prevalent after such as shift for me. Only this time I know and have been told by Spirit that this shift, this awakening in my heart is hear to stay. Yes there will be cloudiness, fear and doubt that presents from time to time, but gone is the sealing that lay on the surface of my heart out of protection. Visually I see this as a thin layer of “film” (not really, but the best word I could use to describe my meaning) cover the surface of my heart chakra with all the good stuff swirling away underneath but stuck to flow free. This is something I became aware of more than a year ago, when I recognized there was some sort of ceiling on my ability to manifest my desired outcomes. This ceiling would result in my efforts to manifest always falling short of what I was aiming for. Since then it has been a slow gradual release of breaking down and removing this ceiling, and this healing is seeing the last of it. Yay me! This is the final breakthrough in this chapter to allow my future in. How exciting, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I highly recommend that if you are ever on the far north coast of NSW, a visit to Crystal Castle should be on your must do list. It is a place that is crafted with love and I for one would have no hesitation in returning should the opportunity present itself again.

To plan your visit, please visit their website here www.crystalcastle.com.au

with love,

Kerrie xx

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I am passionate about helping spiritually inspired people like you to manifest your dream life with the magic that lies within your soul.  I believe the answers you seek to achieve soul success lie within you, your soul and its connection to the Universe.  And so, you will find that my blog, my website and all of my work is crafted from my soul to provide you with the inspiration, the wisdom,tools and techniques to assist you with tapping into your very own Soul Magic.

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