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There comes a time in all of our lives when Self care becomes important.  Whether it be due to your physical health, your emotional or mental health, self care and its energy of love is the soothing lotion the Soul needs to come back into balance and right itself again.

Yet, applying self care shouldn’t be left to those times when it is needed most.  In fact, living from the Soul with a solid foundation will have you naturally apply Self care principals in your daily life.  Giving yourself the time and energy needed to remain connected to the self and hear the subtle whispers of the Soul.

In this video my friend and guest blogger Laura Naomi shares with you her insights into What is Self Care?

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For many of people, myself included these last few months really seem to have us riding one long emotional roller coaster where no day is the same and trying to find any sense of stability in your emotions is almost impossible.  Now and certainly for at least another six weeks as this roller coaster continues for a little while yet, keep in mind that your Self care is often the only thing that can keep you sane.

Give yourself a little love by finding the time to check-in with yourself and connect with your truth.  What really is going on below the surface, is what is trying to make itself known to you. While your ability to hear and recognize this really does comes down to the gift you receive from applying your self care.

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