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Fear is an everyday emotion. It drives us to do things which we would not normally do. It has us acting and behaving in ways that are not who we truly are: divine beings of love, created in the likeness of God. Each day, we are inspired by the energy of love to be who we truly are. Yet we react with fear and ultimately let ourselves down by not believing in ourselves, lacking the faith that we are beautiful beings in our own right, worthy of giving and receiving as we so deserve.

mlJFpfwWhen was the last time you truly acknowledged this to yourself? When was the last time you gave for the sake of giving, expecting nothing in return but rejoicing in the feeling and emotion of giving to another in such a way? When was the last time you gave that very same gift to yourself?

Self-love is the enemy of Fear. Feel Fear and do it anyway because you love yourself enough to overcome life’s hurdles that are placed before you. Feel Fear and do it anyway because you love yourself enough to say to another, “I’m sorry, but right now you have hurt my feelings and the disrespect I feel is unacceptable to me. I need your understanding right now”. Feel Fear and do it anyway because you love yourself enough to accept that the Universe is how it is right now. You may not fully understand it all but trust and know, that because you are created in the likeness of God, all will be right in time.

One of the hardest things for any self-aware traveller to do is to identify when one is operating and living with Fear, especially when it’s influencing our choices and actions.

Some tell tale signs to look out for are:

  • An increase of negative and self-doubting thought forms
  • A knot sitting in your stomach which isn’t going away
  • An inability to see things clearly
  • Masking your true emotions
  • Procrastination
  • Dreams which contain symbols of fear – being chased, falling, attacked etc.
  • Any dream where you experience the emotion of fear in the dream.
  • An inability to make a decision moving you forward
  • Overall loss of direction
  • Frustration

Over the years I have come to understand that each time I reached a part of my journey where it was time to receive a new insight about myself and let it go, there was always fear precipitating the gaining of that understanding. This reflected directly in my work as a medium. Each time I released and overcame such an obstacle, my Mediumship was vastly improved the very next time I made a connection with a loved one in the spirit world. By letting go of any negativity completely and replacing it with love, my energy and its make-up also experienced that change. As my aura is heavily involved in the communication process with Spirit, this change allowed a more seamless energy exchange between myself and Spirit, which therefore saw much clearer and better quality information coming through. Less negativity and blockages in my own energy meant Spirit having a clearer channel to communicate through. This to me has been proven time and time again, not just personally but also with many of mediums I coach and mentor.

We are able to apply this theory in every walk of life not just Mediumship. Experiencing the same changes of new understandings and letting go of blockages and fears will lead you to assimilate energetically more seamlessly into the Universe and its power of creation. This would allow you to bring forth your dreams and aspirations as you work towards manifesting your goals. Do not underestimate the power of energy and self-awareness, as you become more aware and uncover what it is that holds you back.

Now we know what to look out for and how important overcoming fear is. What are some simple everyday actions we can do to move away and let go of our fears?

  1. Breathe

Yes, I do mean that you become more aware of taking much deeper breaths and really filling your lungs. Be sure to appreciate and enjoy the gifts that sustain life. I also want you to think about it on a much larger scale and ask yourself the question? Am I really “Breathing Life”? Am I taking it all in?

Take time to come back to what lifts your Spirit and makes you feel good. Is it such activities as going to the gym, walking the dogs, being with friends, taking a bath, enjoying a rock concert? Take some time to just enjoy!

  1. Acknowledge the Fear

This is the big one. Acknowledge that you are aware that you are currently walking with Fear.Seek an understanding of why and where this applies in your life. Sometimes this is just as simple as being open enough to ask the question and accept whatever you feel the answer to be.

  1. Take Action

Once you uncover the answers above, then it becomes necessary to take action. There is no overcoming Fear without this. Failure to do so will result in stagnation which can last years, even a lifetime if we allow it. When it comes to taking action, it’s ok to take small steps in your own time, just as long as you are moving forward. For example, should you be unhappy in your work but not quite ready to make a big move. Then start with researching the job advertisements. It’s a step which can lead to another. I find at this point it helps me to play the “worst case scenario” game. I ask myself, “If I was to do this, what would the worst outcome possibly be and if I didn’t do this, what would the worst outcome possibly be”. I find that it helps me to clarify my thoughts and fears once I realise that the worst case scenario is usually something I can quite easily deal with.


There is one other simple, yet fun technique which I’d like to share with you. This technique I learn’t from Peggy McColl, a New York Times bestseller and goal achieving expert. I think it is a too invaluable tool not to pass on to you.

Take a balloon and as you blow it up, be conscious that you are blowing all your fear and negativity into that balloon. Once you have blown it up enough, don’t tie it, but let it go so it flies around the room making that silly noise. Laugh and enjoy as you let it all go.

Notice how much lighter you feel.

Fear holds us back in so many ways. It is our choice however as to how much we allow it to control who we are and the lives we live. Breaking down a little Fear each day is progress and goes hand in hand with allowing more love in your life. May you find, acknowledge and love the ugly duckling within as you release any Fear keeping you from being the beautiful swan.

*This article was orginally published in a 2009 edition of inSpirit Magazine.


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