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My usual tendancy after I’ve given a talk, such as last night talk at Infinite Soul development center on Mediumship of the Soul, is to dwell a little too much on the negative outcomes.

Thoughts about what I could’ve done better instead of appreciating the feedback of how people felt.  Worrying about small numbers, or how many books didn’t sell.  All keeping me in energy which is not conducive to love or creating success.

So today I consciously made the greater choice to focus on the positive outcomes.  That the feedback from the people who did attend was not only positive but also motivating and inSpiring as they share many A-ha moments, with many of them keen for further training in 2014.

While I was challenged at times to do this during the day, each and every time i brought my thoughts back to appreciating the positive I know I am loving myself.

30 days of Self Love is a personal journey for Kerrie Wearing and one where she invites your conversation on how you self love.  Please feel free to join Kerrie’s journey and share the posts or comment and interact below.
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