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This past weekend I attended William Whitecloud’s Living from Greatness 2 day workshop where among many great inSights and experiences, I discovered how the energy of my soul felt when whole and in Oneness.

This was then made real by others who articulated the energy with their intuition.  Can you imagine being given the knowledge and the tools to identify when you are the complete whole of who you are?

When I am the complete whole of who i am meant to be, I

  • give love with the innocence of a child
  • am filled with Joy
  • am a channel that brings through higher vibration information into this world
  • am abundant
  • everything is effortless
  • my family is important to me and there is lots of laughter with my children
  • am connected to nature
  • am a leader who empowers others
  • and I do it all with grace

Having experienced this space on the weekend allowed me to make a conscious connection to the energy and awareness of all this.  Which empowers me now to be mindful and make a conscious choice of which part of myself I choose to be by focussing my thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

And to help keep that focus this little affirmation is helping.

“I am in my complete state of Oneness awareness.  With no holding onto any thoughts, beliefs or old ways of being that do not serve my Greatness.  Thankyou Spirit and So it is!”

I deserve nothing less than complete Oneness.

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