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Right now through to 14th October 2014, I need your help and support with producing my new card set, Wisdom of the Soul; Daily Soul Conversations inSight cards.  Your support would see these cards become a reality and help hundreds of people all over the world be able to engage in a Daily Soul Conversation with their Soul.

WOW! When you think about it, these cards are a powerful tool for Soul Awareness and your support with getting this simple, easy to use tool out on the market will help raise self awareness for so many people, who each individually then contribute to moving the world forward into more love and wisdom.  How can you not want to be part of that!

Thank you so much for considering being part of this journey.

with love and gratitude, Kerrie Wearing


Understanding you are a Soul first with a body having a human experience is one thing.  Living it in every moment of every day is quite another. This fast paced world we live in does it’s darnedest to keep us occupied with noise, obligations, responsibili
Kerrie Wearing · 4 days ago

Having lived (what I thought was) an already full life by the age of six, I thought it was time for me to begin my autobiography. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have understood why I felt so compelled to achieve some of these strange chores
Sandy Cee · 8 days ago

Festival of Dreams, in its inaugural year was a delightful suprise. Filled with loving intention, you certainly felt this flow through the day as every detail was attended to and you knew organiser Rosie Shalhoub and her team from Embrace, Miranda NSW had
Kerrie Wearing · 17 days ago

“Kerrie isn’t just an extraordinary Medium, she’s one of the few I have met who comes from the heart, not now and again but ALL the time and is passionate about sharing her experiences. She never switches off and is always ready to help those around her, which is exactly what this book is about, helping those around her. I'm often asked ‘how do I move forward’ Kerrie’s book will be among my recommendations for all who ask that question."

~David Wells
Medium, Astrologer, Past Life Therapist and Qabalist



From my soul to yours, the greatest gift I can you help you to find is the gift of knowing yourself in Oneness.  By engaging in this 10min intuitive Soul Conversation you will experience yourself as you truly are in the essence of the Divine and be well on your way to transforming your life.

with love, Kerrie Wearing

"Todays Soul Conversation Question: Career "Today my Soul says to align my chosen career with my Soul Purpose, the next practical step I need to take is ......" Fill in the blank by taking the first thought and not thinking. If it helps, hold your hand over your heart. "

Kerrie Wearing

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