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Delivering mediumship messages to a recipient is never an easy task and is even more difficult when delivering those messages in a group style environment. Being that communicating with the Spirit world is not an exact science and each and every connection is different from one to the next, even on the same night more and more I’d like my sitters to know that in the mediumship process, you, your loved ones and I are energetically working as a team and each of us will have a direct influence on the outcomes of your reading.

So here is a little of what I need from you to help make your experience as successful as it can be.

Firstly, lets set the scene with a little about the foundations of my connections to the Spirit world. I believe that everything in this Universe, meaning you, I and the chair you are sitting on is energy and I live, believe and operate with the belief that I am spiritually connected to all that is throughout all time and space. To everything that is.
Sometimes it feels like I am emotionally connected to it all as well but that’s a whole other story. If I can try to paint a picture, it means for me the Spirit world is energetically all around you, its part of you and therefore is not separate to me. I believe the only thing that does separate us from it is our mindset and our personal level of understanding and awareness. In truth however the spiritual reality is present and part of my physical reality.

Living as we do in body, there is a part of you directly connected to the energy of the spiritual reality even if you are seemingly unaware of it. The only difference between you and me is perhaps the value I place on this in my life and the expanded connection that affords this. I believe that when we die our energetic form, the soul transcends the body and is released to become more intimately connected with the Universal collective energy. This means that your loved ones energy form exists in the same energy space you do and it is the love you have for one another that maintains your connection forever and a day.

When a medium connects to your loved ones on your behalf, we do so through the power of that love connection where we are essentially tuning in much like a radio and trying to find the best reception. Unfortunately, your loved ones cannot talk to us as you do which means that mediumship communication is very much an energetic process with the medium receiving thoughts, images and feelings which over time we learn to understand. Being that it is very much energy dependent, your energy has a big influence on the outcomes.

Have you ever seen a medium on the same night do one reading that was fabulous where it flowed, was spot on and really hit the spot for the recipient? Only to then see that same medium struggle with their very next connection. Let me assure you that this is not the Mediums energy at play here but resolutely is the energy of the new recipient making its mark. This has happened to me plenty of times.

Mediumship in its creation hundreds of years ago was designed around the medium receiving information from the Spirit world that could be validated in order to ‘prove’ that the Spirit world existed and this is still true today, although there is a sense that this is shifting and evolving. This need to prove the Spirit world actually has also cultivated an experience of judgment for Mediumship, the movement and the mediums who serve that movement. People not only judge the existence of the Spirit world, they also judge the mediums ability, their integrity, professionalism and even their personality. Do you like them or not?

While this is necessary to some degree, sadly this energy of judgment is what all mediums have to energetically contend with at any given point and always in the more affordable group environment. Here’s the thing though. My own personal mediumship has reached a competency level where your reading will be what it is successful or not. I work hard to achieve great connections for you and have busted my gut trying even harder when things are not flowing, as I’d like them to. Where this happens, more and more I recognize that this is the recipient getting in their own way by holding back or judging beyond what is a healthy skepticism, and approaching it with a mindset such as one group participant did a few months back which only serves to set us up to fail. This participant walked in and declared to her friends “I’ll be last and she won’t be able to read me.” Well she was very nearly right and had I conducted my evenings like most mediums and only given messages to those I’m guided to, she would have gone home not receiving a message at all. This kind of mindset puts up blocks in the energy and works against the process, making and already challenging task even more difficult. So too does the following:

  • Holding out for a name before you will accept recognizing your loved one.  Remember it’s not an exact science and allow the information that does come through to build the picture.
  • Holding out for a name before you will accept recognizing your loved one.  Remember it’s not an exact science and allow the information that does come through to build the picture.
  • Yes, you may not always hear from who you want to however in most cases there is a specific purpose as to why you are hearing from someone else.  Sometime that is because of a spiritual need on your part and other times it is the Spirit world knowing the energies between your loved one and I don’t mix so well for the purpose of communicating so they use a family spokesperson.
  • Splitting hairs over a message such as asking, “Did they puppy or puppies?” is a misguided way to try and achieve clarity with your reading.  The best approach is to let your medium know you are not sure or thinking it could be a couple of different people and then let the next piece of information work towards the clarity you are seeking.
  • Know there is a difference between ‘No’ and ‘I don’t know’.  ‘No’ to a medium means they have got it wrong, which I am totally happy to accept does happen occasionally.  Where as ‘I don’t know’ occurs more frequently when you are currently do not know and are not able to validate the information one way.This differentiation can have a huge impact on a reading for a medium especially if there is a series of ‘No’s’ being said.  The reading will stifle and the connection will be lost because either the connection was not meant for you or in using the word “No” incorrectly.  I expect “I don’t knows” to be common because you may know your Spirit communicator all too well.  I can assure you though I would want your medium to stick with what they are receiving even if it is an “I don’t know” for you at the time.Years ago I was doing an in-home group and bringing through a mother-in-law for two ladies who where married to brothers at the time.  Their mother-in-law was identified well and began mentioning the name Fred.  She said he was in Spirit with her and she wasn’t too happy about hanging out with him, as she didn’t seem to like him.  They couldn’t place Fred at first but did eventually say they knew a Fred but he was still alive.  At this point, Fred showed be a funeral procession, which confirmed for me that he was in deed in the Spirit world.  These ladies needed to go away and check this information only to indeed find out that Fred had passed away and they just didn’t know it at the time.  I love when this kind of stuff happens as it really goes to show just where the information is truly coming from.
  • I’d like you to also know there is a limit to the information I will be happy to give you.  Please don’t ask me to tell you if or when you or someone you know is going to die. I don’t think its fair to ask that of someone and nor do I want that kind of responsibility.  Mediumship already has a huge amount of responsibility with it and I would actually much prefer for you to live without the fear that knowing such things would generate.
This is a deeply spiritual process for me, one that is given to you from my heart and while I am aware you may not value it in the same way I do ask however that while I am working hard for you, you treat the process with the utmost respect by giving me and Spirit your full attention, focus and willingness to be open and accepting. So let go of those thoughts that say ‘I need to hear ……………. for it to be real’ or ‘let’s just see how good she is’ and instead focus on your memories, the love and connection you have with your loved one.

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing, a psychic-medium soul coach.

Clients come to me when they are feeling lost and confused about the direction of their life. I give them the intuitive soul guidance and direction they need to move forward with their life, with clarity, confidence and a lighter and more peaceful heart.

I’m different to other psychics because I’m not just going to give you some obscure, fluffy information that leaves you going “okay, but what do I even do with that?!” My work involves having a heart-to-heart with your soul and then lovingly coaching and guiding you through how to manifest what your soul wants for you. That means you leave with practical steps forward and way more confidence!

I’m a big advocate for the fact that we can all develop our psychic abilities, not exclusive to the few people “gifted” from birth. Everything I do is underpinned by the values of operating with the utmost integrity, creating a sacred, safe, non judgemental space to help my clients and to always be authentic self.

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