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How many times have you said to yourself “I’ve had enough of this?”

Are you feeling spent, ready to give up, overwhelmed with seemingly no answers in sight?

strugglestreetAnd I bet you are tired of the constant grind of the so called lesson after lesson lovingly provided by the Universe. (Did you detect my sarcasm?)

Well your not alone! Besides me, I’m sure there are plenty of other Soul travellers like you right now who feel just as you do or can at least resonate on some level with feeling this way.

Yet, you’d think after all these years of growing, evolving, shifting your thoughts, self healing and all the work you have been doing on yourself that it would get easier, wouldn’t you?

So why hasn’t it?

While there may be a whole range of individual factors, it essentially comes down to two Soul ingredients that are powering your creative capabilities with the Universe. BELIEF and INTENTION.

Looking at the first ingredient, BELIEF. There are two significant beliefs, we spiritual types take on without realizing how limiting, soul destroying and bullshit they really are.

BELIEF #1: We are here to learn lessons in this classroom of life.

Stuff that I say, how friggin’ hard does that sound!

Yet, we still listen to it and begin to look for the lesson in every experience and especially those experiences where life doesn’t go so well. Trying to give the pain some meaning and purpose “because everything happens for a reason.” (Belief #2 and more on that next time)

When you look for the personal lesson in each and every experience you unconsciously adapt a mindset that you are not good enough as you are, that you need ‘fixing’ or changing in someway and you begin to derive knowing you are Spirit by firstly breaking down your ego and resisting an inherent part of who you are. Thereby creating an internal struggle.

Secondly, adopting a strong sense of personal responsibility and adopting this behavior engages the universal law “reality follows where attention goes”, as you set yourself up for the Universe to provide you lesson, after lesson, after lesson. How much hard work is that!

About two years ago, I was yet again on my knees praying that I had had enough. I had spent many years working hard with myself and the Universe to bring about the change I desired in my life.

I wanted more recognition for my work as a medium, I desired financial freedom to enjoy life, travel and be able to do more work helping people. While all my self-healing had allowed my inner world to change, after five years of consciously working with the law of attraction my outer world had not changed at all. Money was still a struggle, robbing Peter to pay Paul and it all felt like one step forward and two steps back. Sound familiar? In fact, I was more lonely, depressed and disappointed with my connection to the Universe than I had ever been.

Eventually, I finally found myself at that place of Acceptance, where there is no alternative but to accept. You know the one, that painful place where you know your not giving up, but have to accept what you want in your heart is not going to happen.

And this is where I began to let go.

Surrendering and giving in, saying to Spirit “I surrender – show me the way forward for I don’t know how anymore and I don’t know what you want.”

Letting go and surrendering more of my will and ego, opened a willingness to accept what was present. A love for myself, I hadn’t known before and it was then I started to question some of those longstanding traditional beliefs that had not served me.

So how about stepping out of the classroom of life and into the playground. Heal yourself by loving yourself and choosing to know the Spirit within you first. Embrace your Spirit by choosing to grow and evolve through LOVE and JOY. Allow the Universe to bring you a world of loving expkeep-calm-and-carry-on-purple-wallpapers_33733_1920x1200eriences to bring about new understanding for your Soul’s evolution and growth.

What you will find as you start to question and let go of whether you are really here to learn lessons, is that you begin to see yourself for the loving and inspiring soul you are.

You begin to align your soul self to love revealing more of the Divine Spirit within and you begin to understand that life is not about having to learn a lesson through some hard felt painful experience. That in fact, it becomes about allowing yourself to love, to experience love while growing and evolving with far more JOYful experiences.

Spirit will shine a light where it’s needed naturally in a gentle and loving way. The experience of writing my new book Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with Love & inspiration made simple is a testament to this. Writing this book for me has provided new understanding, new awareness and evolution as I came to understand and appreciate the new knowledge and learning I was gaining through writing. Much of what is contained in the book is new to me and flows through me into my life and onto the pages as the book came to be. This was certainly a far more enJOYable experience to learn and grow from, and one I would be only too happy to repeat.

Hey, I  want to hear about the moments like this in your life, and how did changing a belief such as this one change your life.  Please share with me by leaving a comment. Bless you.








Part 2 of Getting off struggle street – Belief #2 continues in an upcoming blog

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