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Before we get into the tips to help improve your meditations, it is actually quite pertinent to ask why.

Why would you want to meditate and what can it do for you?


  • Learning to meditate first and foremost is the key to develop greater awareness of your inner world and begin developing a relationship with your Spirit self. Meditation is one way to call forward this part of who you are and begin giving it a voice. In doing so, you will naturally begin to create more balance and harmony in your world on a day-to-day basis.

  • You will unlock the souls natural desire to heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • And you have within your reach a key to nurture your inherent psychic awareness and the ability to connect with the Spirit world.


This all sounds great doesn’t it and you know you could certainly benefit from a regular meditation practice, but I hear that thought ‘Where do I find the time? I’m too busy as it is.’

I know and I hear you. Kids, work and life it can all get a bit too much at times. There is however one thing about Meditation I really want you to know.

You don’t really need to be setting aside and hour or so each day to be good at it. Starting the day at daybreak on the beach in meditation pose and all peace, love and moonbeams is a wonderful thought best kept for your retreats. Truth is that most of us watch from a far those who get to start each day in such ideal moments while in reality, you and I are tired, busy taking care of others and struggling to get a few moments each day of me time.

I’ve never really been one to practice meditation daily. When I first began I did used to set aside some time when the kids went to bed to listen to a guided meditation a few times a week and I did regularly attend spiritual development groups from time to time. Mostly though I’d squeeze it in as I was going to sleep, ironing, walking or just taking a moment with a cuppa.

Even world famous medium Lisa Williams told me during an interview for my former inspirit magazine that she would meditate and check her Chakras (energy centers) while in the shower.

The point I’m making here is to find what works for you. With the right intention and commitment you’ll find that meditation will seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle if you allow it.

Kerrie’s top keys to mastering your meditation practice

1: Create a sacred space

Whether it is your favourite crystal on the bedside table helping you meditate before you go to sleep or something a little more grand with your own meditation room, creating an environment that speaks to you and invites you in to meditate is one tip that will keep you showing up.

This is especially helpful with letting the family know that when you are in there, it is your time and you are not to be disturbed. Trust me, they will learn with your consistency and may even want to know more in time. 

I personally always made use of a favourite chair and still do. Candles, incense and journal always at the ready for when I feel called. There is just one rule to remember here and that is there are no rules. Your space is your space so be it outside in nature, in the shower or a corner of your bedroom, make it feel good and zhuzh it up to feel special.

2: Conscious intention = higher potential

Setting a soul intention before your meditations will work towards helping you reach a greater potential for your soul growth and what you want to achieve. For example, if you are seeking a greater sense peace then set this as your intention and trust that your soul knows what is required to bring this about for you in a sustainable way.

Even in my early days my intentions where always set around connecting with Spirit and this is still true for me today a lot of the time. This is where a good Spirit guide meditation can help and you will find mind available here.

3: Mastering mind chatter

Without question, the most outstanding challenge people find when learning to meditate is how to quiet the mind. It’s why I laughed so hard during Eat, Pray, Love when the clock said she’d only been meditating in the temple for one minute. 

The key here is firstly to not expect the mind to switch off. In time, the mind can learn to be quieter with a greater sense of calmness but to expect no thought is unrealistic. I was just like you in this regard, struggling to stop the overthinking, which by the way is still part of who I am. Never to completely leave me I suspect.

Anyway, in those early day I came across a tip that really helped me to finally get my meditating underway and today I am sharing that very same tip here with you.

Simply ask your mind to be quiet. Talk to your mind with love and respect requesting its co-operation for some peace and quiet while you meditate. Assure your mind that you’ll let her return to her ramblings when you are finished but right now you need her to be quiet.

Surprising this worked wonders for me and has been part of my teaching mojo for the last 20+years. If you’d like me to step you through this more thoroughly by video then sign up below and I’ll see you there.

4: Your journal is your BF.

Lastly, I highly recommend keeping a journal. You will want to record your visions, your emotions and your meditative experiences especially if connecting with Spirit is part of your intention.

 It is here you will learn to recognize any patterns, see your personal growth as you look back and it is also the starting point to learn how to interpret your language of the soul. The signs and symbols used by the soul and spirit to communicate with you.

with love & gratitude,


Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and I am a psychic medium soul coach, who for more than 20years I have been supporting women to deepen their connection to their Soul. 

The answers you seek for peace, purpose and your pathway to abundance all lie within your Soul, and it my mission to demystify how the Soul creates with the Universe and make your manifesting easy.


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