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Dear Kerrie

I would like to acknowledge and thank you  for the Medium Workshop which you held on 15th & 16TH November  2014.

I found that this was not just a ‘Mediumship’  Workshop but  two days of presenting and opening the mind to the Soul.

You present in a way which is  very much “down to earth’ and relatable and made me feel that It is not only for the elite or ‘special’ person.

Intuition is a gift that we all possess but need to acquire the knowledge as how to best use this to assist us in our Soul’s journey through this lifetime.

Thank you also for your Inspirational cards which I have taken to using every morning to set me on my way for the day.  It is so uncanny how  the right one seems to show it’s  self  for that particular  moment  in  one’s  life.

I am looking forward to more Workshops that you may hold to expand and come into the future and am happy for you to use this as a testimonial to the work that you are bring to anyone looking for more.

In One Energy  and gratitude

Marilena  Mattiolo

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