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Mediumship Mojo 

Tips to strengthen your Mediumship connection to Spirit.



STARTS MONDAY 8th April 2019

What you’ll  learn

MOJO Me #1 : Monday 8th April

  • Servitude Yes! But it’s still a two way partnership
  • The importance of Boundaries
  • The importance of Structure
  • Honouring the flow
  • It’s all in the conversation

MOJO Me #2: Thursday 11th April

  • Understanding the Spirit world
  • Embracing the Dark and honouring the light
  • It’s all comes down to the LOA

MOJO ME #3: Monday 15th April

  • In Spirit we are One
  • The impact of self healing
  • Embracing the Ego
  • The evolution of your Mediumship

MOJO ME #4: Thursday 18th April

  • You are an empath, yet why is it one of the biggest challenges for a medium
  • True healing for others begins with you being empathic
  • Tips to manage being empathic

All LIVE sessions held at 1pm AEST

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All session recorded and emailed for your convenience once you are registered.

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APRIL 8th 1pm AEST