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Last night I had the pleasure of being the guest medium at Werrington Spiritualist Church, in western Sydney.  I thought I would share with you the sentiments from the spiritual address as I’m sure its a great reminder for us all.

We all lead such busy lifestyles, what with our jobs, raising children, taking care of everyone that we often leave taking care of ourselves a poor last.  This is especially true for most women, who naturally seem to find it difficult to put themselves first.

While we live this life of obligation, we are also often seeking guidance and understanding to overcome the challenges we face or make the changes we want to in life.  And most often, we look for these answers outside of ourselves in someway.  We visit a psychic, we seek the sage advice of a friend, we attend church, sit in development groups or we even seek that insightful message from a guide, angel or goddess who also seems to be a seperate entity to ourselves.

Yet, the true and only answer lies within.

You always have within you, the awareness to come to the answer you need at any given moment.  So the only question you need to ask is “Are you leaving room for God?”

Take the time for you.  Build into your life the small daily disciplines that allow you to eradicate the noise of life distractions, and find that center of wisdom within you.  So you may hear the wisdom of your soul.

This can be achieved quite simply, from a short mediation in the shower to a morning’s walk or a moments contemplation over a cuppa.  Each of us will express this differently, like the young man from last night who finds his Spirit at the gym.  Though each of us, totally deserve this gift of nuturing ourselves.

Listen, and you might be surprised by what you hear.

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