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Kerrie isn’t just an extraordinary Medium, she’s one of the few I have met who comes from the heart, not now and again but ALL the time and is passionate about sharing her experiences. She never switches off and is always ready to help those around her, which is exactly what this book is about, helping those around her. Im often asked ‘how do I move forward’ Kerrie’s book will be among my recommendations for all who ask that question.”

~David Wells
Medium, Astrologer, Past Life Therapist and Qabalist

“Kerrie Wearing has written the most awe-inspiring guide to connecting to your God-given intuitive talent and abilities. Follow her guidance and you’ll always have the perfect answers at the perfect time delivered in the most perfect way.”

~Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author

“A New Kind of Normal is a wondrous blend of sincerity, wisdom and practicality . Kerrie Wearing offers her spiritual insights in an incredibly matter-of-fact manner; she takes what has been historically considered as intangible and mystical, and brings it firmly into the realms of accessible and normal. A great read for the intelligent spiritual explorer.”

~Kim Forrester
Spiritual Commentator

You taught me more in the time i spent under your guidance than I learn’t in the previous 15 years. You taught me to trust my intuition, pushed my boundaries, and in general helped me to be a better person. Walk this new path with confidence.

A Henderson, Picton NSW
You help, guide and inspired me to find myself and my connections….you were my first guiding light into the spiritual world and i am forever greatful for all you taught me, i am positive that if i did not find you and do your classes i wouldn’t be here today and able to continue my growth, i thank you and hope you have a wonderful mothers day with your family.
S Winning, Ingleburn NSW

“Kerrie….your book ‘A New Kind of Normal…..Unlock The Medium Within’ is beautifully written. You are very vulnerable, personable, open, honest and graceful in your approach. Your book has helped me understand so much more and on so many more levels. It was very easy to read and I found myself not wanting to put it down. I am one of these people that highlights line in my books and I have referred back to the ones in your book on many occassions. I got your book in January to which I read it in two nights, and as mentioned, gone back and reflected on my highlights many many times and have since already re-read it for a second time…..this is a book that stays in my bedside table and not on the bookshelf. Thank you Kerrie for your compassion and the content…..just brilliant!”

D Tiller, Perth WA 

“Hi Kerrie,
I received your book in the mail on friday.  Thank you for personally signing it, it means so much more.  I’ve managed to read through it (couldn’t help myself), but I’m still working through the exercises.  I’m finding the exercises both fun and educational.  Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and life experiences.

I love the way you’ve written with such honesty. In the “normal” world, things don’t always go as planned.  You’ve clearly faced many challenges, but proven that you have a strong spirit. One that never gives up!  You are truly an inspiration.

God Bless. I hope your words touch many.”

V Miletic, Sydney NSW

“Personally I found the words in this book, along with the author, fascinating.  I loved it.  Kerrie’s lessons for us come from her heart, not from her ego self.  Reading this book has taken me on a conscious journey opening up new pathways, thoughts and questions.

This book not only gives us insight on how to enhance our gifts, it also teaches us to recognise strengths and commitment in our own personal growth and true potential.  Our spiritual abilities are an extension of our human senses.  We are encouraged to learn and utilise our gifts to help people.  By doing this, the first step is to learn to connect and accept the soul’s character (the self).  The best way to accomplish this is through meditation and personal experiences.

Along with examples and exercises, this book offers us hope and the realisation of how we too can work with spirit energy in our daily lives.

I feel hesitant in putting this book back onto the library shelf, as I know I would enjoy re-reading it again.”

Seven Hills Spiritual Center, NSW Library Bookworm review

Sharon wrote: “Had the most amazing reading from Kerrie Wearing. Thank you for releasing me from a shackle that had been tying me down for way to long. I can’t explain how light and free I feel in such a long time. Until it came through I believed I had dealt with the issue as best I could but I did realise I was missing a piece of the puzzle and tonight you gave me what I have been soul searching for. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Xoxo ?”

S Cini, Sydney Australia via Facebook

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