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So this happened this week! I very excitedly took delivery of Mojito my Mini Cooper who I had been patiently waiting for since September.

She is gorgeous, my favourite color and a flying heart chakra. She is so much more to me than just a car. Yes, she symbolically represents a new journey, she is however also signifying the ending of a belief system that has worked against me my whole life.

When I was a child still young enough to play with dolls, I wanted a purple pram that was on display in the local toy store. This pram was all purple cloth, elegant and expensive. If I recall correctly it was about $80, a lot of money for a toy pram by today’s standards let alone 40years ago. Anyway, that little girl would nag her mother so desperately, never comprehending the financial limitations of a single mother living in government housing. Initially my mum would say no, which didn’t placate me. I still nagged and eventually she told me that she had put the pram on lay-by. Imagine my excitement and expectation!

Sadly, I never did get that pram, we moved and eventually I realized I had been lied to. That little girl internalized that event and from that moment soon came to believe that dreams don’t come true.

It was about eight years ago that this belief came to the surface and into my awareness for healing as I steadfastly set about consciously studying the law of attraction. It has taken those eight years and a lot of soul searching, letting go and getting out of my own way to allow myself to buy Mojito. She is the culmination of that journey, where that little girl now has her pram and this woman knows within her soul that she has the power for the right dreams to come true.

It is possible that buried in your psyche there is a similar experience that taught you not to appreciate the power you have to make your dreams happen. I imagine it is quite common and my gift for you this Christmas is to remember those past childhood Christmas’ and that feeling of waking up Christmas morning to the feeling that all your dreams had come true that day.

Join me in capturing those memories where you got your first bike, your Hang ten Roller skates or that cassette player. Hold that feeling for a few moments in your heart space and let it go out into the Universe with the intention that it returns to you soon with the realization of a dream coming true.

with love,

Kerrie xx

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I am passionate about helping spiritually inspired people like you to manifest your dream life with the magic that lies within your soul.  I believe the answers you seek to achieve soul success lie within you, your soul and its connection to the Universe.  And so, you will find that my blog, my website and all of my work is crafted from my soul to provide you with the inspiration, the wisdom,tools and techniques to assist you with tapping into your very own Soul Magic.

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