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Yesterday I was really struggling emotionally with where things are at in my life. For me there has been a hard fought concerted and conscious effort on my part to live a life aligned with my soul and the desires of my heart.

This has over the last 20+ years lead to some great achievements such as my books, inSpirit Magazine, ACOM and of course the many lives I have changed because of my work and not to mention the soul sister friendships I have gained because of this journey. Yet is has also lead to a lot of pain, hurt and frustration that has me still question whether all the effort and hard work has really been worth it.

Yes at times I have platitudes of peace more so than most people. I have gained a deep faith that for the most part sees me through and I have in my view an expert understanding of the Soul, it’s connection to the Universe and Mediumship – yet what is the point of obtaining that if after all these years I still find it a struggle to get my work out into the world to help people and earn a living that sustains me.

A little while ago Spirit told me one night that my desire for success is there and available to me, however there was an adjustment that needed to be made. It is only now dawning on me exactly what that adjustment may be.

After my divorce one of the significant soul shifts I have experienced is the awakening of my sexuality and the sacred goddess within. This I believe is common for a lot of women after a divorce and most likely for men too with their masculinity, I would imagine as you find yourself with a renewed sense of freedom to explore a new you.

My journey of discovery in this area really took a step up in January of this year with attending a Rewilding for Women’s workshop with Sabrina Lynn. I recently interviewed Sabrina which you can find that Soul Conversation here.

What occurred for me was a stronger more intimate connection to the Divine Feminine within me. As this energy then came into balance with the essence of the Divine Masculine within me I then found myself ready to date and it wasn’t too long before I signed up to an online dating site.

Within a week of that I was meeting a man who would play a big role in unearthing and bringing my sacred goddess out into the world. While this relationship currently lacks in ways that my heart needs, its gifts of pleasure, being in the moment and caring for another without expectation have been gifts I have enjoyed unwrapping.

Very quickly I learnt that my heart is at the forefront of my life and heartfelt connections are needed for me to be who I truly am and live a life that flows for me. I also learnt that my sexuality is a vital component of who I am, so much so that it naturally comes with an energy that I need to flow through all of my life sustaining who I am and how I live my life. I’ve discovered that life needs to be a playful mix of flirtatious fun, loving connections and great sex as the receptive energy of my Divine Feminine creates magic that powerfully fuels the river of creativity.

My recent trip to the US cemented this energy within me as my Visionquest in Denver held an energetic rebirth which saw me take hold of this energy and rebirth who I am. How this shift and it’s new energy will influence my life I am only just beginning to discover. I do know however that one of the reasons I need to write this blog and share with you about the awakening of my sacred goddess is to allow myself to more fully embrace her energy and begin flowing her delicious energy through the work I do for others and therefore integrating more of me and my truth through more of my life.

If the truth be known pleasure and your Divine Feminine shouldn’t be just relegated to the bedroom just before sleep a couple of times a week if your lucky. Its feels to good for that and it really does hold a key to experience great JOY in your life.

As I flow with the needs of my Soul, I am uncovering the adjustment Spirit made mention of so be warned my friends. There will be more blogs coming on the likes of the Divine Feminine, sexuality, sensuality and what it means for me to live a life that flows with a creative energy that embodies all of this.

with love,

Kerrie xx

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Kerrie Wearing is an Intuitive Soul coach and Soul Whisperer with a passion to help spiritually motivated people manifest their dreams. Her work is designed to support people all over the world to engage the Magic of their Soul and manifest their dreams with JOY.

Over the last 20years Kerrie has worked tirelessly in the spiritual fields seeing clients, conducting workshop and events, owning and operating The Australian College of Mediumship and inSpirit Magazine and is now honoured with clients from all over the world. Kerrie has published two books, A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within and Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love & inspiration and she is currently writing her third book.
Kerrie lives in Sydney, Australia with her family and is a not so secret country music fan.

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