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What a year it has been! I began the year focused on growth and expansion in my business, keen to publish Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love and inspiration made simple and see it grow into the international best seller I knew it could be, so it could find its way to help the thousands of people, like me who need it.

Little did I realize the tone this book would set for not just this year, but the rest of my life. Yes, I had been warned a little by Spirit with some of what was to come and along Spirit was seeking my agreeance to go there, yet even with never being one to back away from my truth, I still really had no idea of hard 2015 would prove to be.

Eventually 2015 revealed itself to be a year of revealing my deepest inner truths and taking the necessary action in my life to create the freedom for me to be who I need to be to love more and achieve my hearts desires. Looking back I found that life has it’s own way of unfolding itself and you can go about setting your intentions and desires, yet the road to getting there and what is really needed for you to get from point A to point B is the stuff you really have no control over. So while I know without a doubt I am on the path to creating my vision, how that is unfolding right now is largely out of my control, and if the truth be known I can either accept it, go with the flow and get there quicker or I can resist, slow down the momentum and create unnessary distractions and detours.

Being on purpose is not always fun or even pleasant for that matter. In fact at times it can be downright painful and my 2015 has been all of that. As it draws to a close, I am taking some to acknowledge the year that was, to facilitate healing, close the door and leave it all behind, taking with me all that I have gained moving forward. So while there have been more creative soul intentions not met than those that were, the year has been highlighted by solidify a new me, a new awareness and learning a new way of being.

What I learnt this year:

I learnt what it really means to be myself

I learnt how to emphatically create life from a place of love

I learnt to acknowledge my steely resolve and accept things as they need to be, while having complete faith they are all part of the plan. I am however, still learning how to have fun while doing this.

I learnt and awakened my deepest desire, I didn’t know I had. To love and to be loved in a way that honours who I am and to create life that flows from the core of this.

I accepted my ability to create money in balance. To live knowing that abundance is deservedly mine and I only need to allow it to flow as it needs to. To love looking at the numbers each week, as I direct loving energy and create where the attention goes as it truly does create a more even flow. This I know, thank you 2015.

I learnt not to give up, especially when it looks like the Universe is not supporting your efforts. I learnt that to believe in myself more when choosing to believe, that this is not the Universe saying “no” – it is merely the Universe’s way of saying “Not just yet – there is more work to be done”. Diving timing can be bitch hey!

Finally, I took way the masks that were hiding my truth to myself and those closest to me which then created the freedom I need to be more of who I truly am in this world. Painful – yet with a sense a freedom I’ve never known before.

The Wins that were knowingly manifested.
  • Lily Laser, which also allowed me to giving my son his first car, my old lancer which was all part of the plan.

Lily Laser

  • Giving more donations this year:  Suicide Prevention Australia, World Animal Protection, Purple Pig and Handbag for the Homeless.
  • Monthly Mediumship Masterclass
  • Gaining more self belief in my Mediumship thanks to Tony Stockwell
The Unexpected Wins which manifested

Phoenix – our 3rd furbaby was a delightful family addition opening us to a little more love

30 days to Ignite Your Money Flow program and ebook – the how I created that #moneyflow balance in my life.

Letting go of inSpirit Magazine for now.

All the Mediumship events this year have been undeniably special and one’s where I can see I bring a whole different energy to them. An energy that is here to stay and an energy I want to filter through all of my life, its so damn beautiful.

My online Mediumship Academy – slowly but surely this is moving in the right directions.

People that inSpired me this year

My Kids – Nathan and Jessica

Tony Stockwell

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Michael Bolton

Nicolle Poll

Gem Green

Rita Maher

Jessica Adams

Michael Hyatt

Leonie Dawson

William Whitecloud

Amy Porterfield

Antoinette Stonham


Books that spoke to me this year

The Soul of It All – Michael Bolton

The 50 Shades of Grey series


Music Gig’s of 2015 that lightened up my year.

Morgan Evans

Viper Creek Band

Hunter Hayes

Michael Bolton

Dane Baldwin drumming for Troy Kemp

Not nearly enough live music this year and I certainly need to do something about that for 2016.

Soundtrack for 2015 was supplied by

Michael Bolton

Gary Allan

Kip Moore

Thanks for providing the music that has soothed the soul and at times helped to keep me sane.

Road trips and travel highlights for 2015

Nana’s weekend getaway at Lavender House in the Blue Mountains – contained the funniest night of the year playing Cards against Humanity, Massages, Food and great girly company.

Again, travel really must increase in 2016.  Ok Universe!

Who and what I am grateful for from 2015

This year I give thanks for all the support I have had as I have moved through one of toughest years I’ve had in the last ten years.

My friends – Nicolle, Rita, my Nanna’s. Jahna, Jodie – my day job manager. Thank you for being there, for listening, for being my sounding boards and taking the time when I’ve needed it.

My mum and her gift of generosity, which I’m sure she will never fully appreciate the impact and difference it made.

Thank you to the Universe for finally showing me that when you get the mind, the heart and the soul in the right vibrational alignment magic can happen, which the arrival of Lily Laser equated too. Putting you on notice, dear Universe that there is sooo much more to do yet!

Lastly, my heartfelt gratitude to Spirit. All year you have held my hand as always, inspiring me with visions and glimpses of my future to keep me going and giving me what I need to see to reveal my truths, to give me the strength I’ve needed in letting go and in stepping back when it has been time for me to believe in myself. For heightening my intuition and mediumship more forthrightly to guide the daily grind, so it all unfolds with as much ease, grace and love as it can for all. Thank you – but we’re not done either.

This walk through 2015 has allowed me to let go of her along with facilitating a little healing for myself. So very needed at this time, as right now I’ve been stopped in my tracks with a flare up of Urticaria which has my half my face swollen and needing cortisone to bring it all back to balance. For me, Urticaria is something that flares up at emotional times in my life and as I reflected on this, Spirit inspired me with knowing that it was caused by a build up of all the letting go and to write. Eventually on this mornings walk, I came to the idea of releasing my 2015 so this is what you have before you. My healing and acknowledgement of some of what 2015 has meant for me.

I sincerely hope this may inspire you to walk through your 2015 and let it go too. For I know that in doing this, I can’t help but feel a little excited about what 2016 has install knowing that I am creating life from a totally new space and energy after what 2015 has given me.

with love & gratitude,
Kerrie xx
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